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Top Fishing Charters in West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach, FL


Let’s go cruising on 35' Pursuit !!!

1-6 passengers Captain Included

Boca Raton, FL


Awesome Fishing Machine for Charters

1-6 passengers Captain Included

West Palm Beach, FL


2021 23 foot center console Palm Beach Gardens

1-12 passengers Captain Included

Boynton Beach, FL


Power around the bay on your own SeaCraft

1-5 passengers Captain Included

Boynton Beach, FL


Yamaha AR250 - Deliver to a ramp near you

1-12 passengers Captain Included

Riviera Beach, FL


Classic 80ft Sport Yacht for Pleasure or Fishing

1-6 passengers Captain Included

The Best Fishing in West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach has plenty to offer for fishing enthusiasts. Located along Florida's Atlantic Ocean coast, West Palm Beach offers visitors year-round excitement with fantastic beaches and enticing waterways for boating and fishing.

Explore the area on your West Palm Beach fishing charter. Drop anchor when it is time to find out more about some of your fishing options.

Fishing in West Palm Beach

You can visit several parks and piers around the West Palm Beach area when you are looking to do some fishing.

Okeeheelee Park

The Okeeheelee lakes include a fishing pier, fish feeders, and submerged fish attractors. The many lakes at the park hold plenty of small bass. You can cast either from the bank or a small boat at Okeeheelee Park. There are restrooms and water fountains nearby.

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Lake Worth Fishing Pier

This pier is also a legendary fishing location in the area. There are lots of snook, pompano, cobia, and snapper here. You can rent tackle and buy bait on the pier, too, which makes your fishing experience very convenient.

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Grassy Waters Everglades Preserve

In the northwest area of West Palm Beach, Grassy Waters Preserve is an ideal fishing destination. You can also find a wide range of other wildlife here, like alligators, wild turkeys, great blue herons, and other wetland-dependent species.

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Best Places to Fish in West Palm Beach

Fish directly in the Atlantic Ocean on your West Palm Beach fishing charter, or explore some of the other nearby options.

John D. MacArthur Beach State Park and Nature Center

Visit the John D. MacArthur Beach State Park and Nature Center, where you can fish off the bridge in the estuary and watch the turtles enjoying the water.

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Juno Beach Park

Sail your West Palm Beach fishing charter to Juno Beach Park, where you can fish off the pier or right from the shoreline for cobia, snapper, grouper, or even sailfish.

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Dyer Park

If you are traveling with young anglers, Dyer Park is an ideal place to let them cast a few lines and simply learn more about fishing in a safe environment.

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How to Fish in West Palm Beach, Florida

West Palm Beach offers many good fishing opportunities. Here are a few ways to enjoy your fishing trip.


Catch and Release

Explore the lakes of Okeekeelee Park on your West Palm Beach fishing charter. These are all part of a fish management area established by the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission. Be aware that all bass caught at Okeeheelee Park must be released immediately.


Fishing Style

With access to the Atlantic Ocean and other types of fishing, there are lots of different types of fishing opportunities available here. Saltwater and freshwater fishing provide a wide range of fishing experiences in West Palm Beach.


Get the Gear

Depending on what type of fishing you will be doing, you will need special fishing gear. Before you set out, try and find out whether or not your West Palm Beach fishing charter comes with the right type of gear included already.

Types of Fish in West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach is home to about 400 species of fish. Here are three of the most common.


Red snapper are quite common here, and they are considered some of the best fish to eat out of all of the species you can catch in West Palm Beach.


Piers, grass flats, and reefs all create ideal conditions for snook. Hooking one of these beautiful fish and fry it up for a tasty meal.


Redfish can usually be caught on light tackle so they are good targets for amateur anglers and kids, especially those who have been practicing in the Dyer Park area.

Top Types of Fishing in West Palm Beach, Florida

Here are some different kinds of fishing available in West Palm Beach.

Fishing from the Beach

It is really easy to fish from the beach here. Simply drop anchor from your West Palm Beach fishing charter. Cast your line into the shallow waters around the area and try to catch redfish or snapper.

Pier Fishing

You can visit Juno Beach Park to fish off the pier for cobia, snapper, grouper, or even sailfish. Cast straight from your boat or off the pier itself.

Everglades Fishing

West Palm Beach offers a few opportunities for Everglades fishing. Sail your West Palm Beach fishing charter to Grassy Waters Preserve, where you can find snook, Spanish mackerel, and redfish.

West Palm Beach, Florida Fishing Seasons

West Palm Beach has a subtropical climate that is ideal for fishing during spring before temperatures get too hot.



January's water temperatures are colder than usual, but with just a little skill, you can still try and catch more than a few species this month.



Many fish swim deeper in the colder months to find warmer water, so fish directly from your West Palm Beach fishing charter in some of the deeper areas offshore.



Tarpon can sometimes be found around some of the bridges and piers in the West Palm Beach area during March.



The waters start warming up, so cast your lines into the big schools of tarpon off West Palm Beach.



The weather in West Palm Beach starts getting more predictable, with clear mornings and some afternoon rains. These are perfect conditions for Jack Crevalle fishing.



The hot summer days in West Palm Beach are ideal for all types of fishing. The warm ocean water is clear and blue.



Fishing can be one of the most popular activities during the hot weather and sunny coastal days of July.



High land and water temperatures are to be expected in August. The best fish to try for this month is snook.



The offshore bottom fishing can be great during September on a V-hull bay or an offshore center console boat.



October is the best month to sail your West Palm Beach fishing charter through the waters in search of game fish like blue marlin.



The weather conditions in November are most suited for catching redfish in the bay.



Redfish are still some of the biggest and most spectacular catches during December.