1. Immediately take all possible steps to minimise the loss and protect the scheduled vessel from further loss. Failure to do so may invalidate your insurance coverage or reduce the amount of any claim hereunder.
  2. Within 14 days of a loss giving rise to any claim hereunder give us written notification of the loss and its circumstances.
  3. Comply with any reasonable request made of you, by us with regard to the loss.
  4. Advise the Police, Coast Guard, or any appropriate authority of the loss and its circumstances.
  5. Give us an opportunity to examine the damaged property before it is repaired or discarded.
  6. Submit a claim form and/or statement describing the loss, together with two estimates of repair cost and/or records to substantiate the amount of the loss.
  7. Neither assume obligation, nor admit liability without our written permission to do so.
  8. Immediately forward to us any legal papers or notices received in connection with the loss.
  9. Cooperate with us in the investigation, defence or settlement of any loss and agree to be examined under oath if we so request.
  10. Allow examination by physicians of our choice.
  11. Assist us in obtaining copies of medical records and reports.
  12. Give us a notarised statement or statutory declaration if we so request.
  13. Give us a proof of loss and discharge of liability once the amount of the claim under this insuring agreement has been agreed with you.
  14. Preserve any right of recovery from others. When we pay a loss, your right to recover becomes ours up to the amount of our payment together with any legal fees and expenses You must also co-operate with us to recover the losses we may pay. Any amounts recovered from others belong to us up to the amount of our payment together with any legal fees and expenses.