How to Prepare Your Bareboat Rental

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Preparing Your Bareboat Rental

If you’re looking for a little extra privacy this summer for you and your crew and have decided to charter a bareboat rental from Boatsetter than you’re already off to a great start! With a bareboat rental, you can enjoy the luxury of being on any type of boat from yachts to sailboats, while serving as your own captain and your own crew. This means the freedom to go where you want to go when you want to go there. So whether you’re looking to go island hopping in the Bahamas or want to take a speedboat out on Lake Tahoe, Boatsetter’s got you covered from ship to shore. To make your bareboat rental experience as seamless as possible, we’ve compiled this guide for what will need before hopping aboard your bareboat rental.

Proper boating licensing should always be obtained first

In every state in the U.S., you will be required to have a special boating license, usually an if you want to take the helm of a bareback boat rental. If you are however already in possession of the proper boating license, then you’ll be able to rent a yacht for you are your crew with Boatsetter’s online boat rental marketplace. Boating regulations vary from country to country and state to state and you should always be informed about what you need prior to your bareboat yacht excursion. Once you have the proper boating license in place, you are ready to go!

You’ll also want to bring along your driver’s license or state I.D.

In addition to your boating license, you will also need to have a copy on hand of your driver’s license or state I.D. for security purposes. Most boat owners or captains are required to have a copy or photo of a renter’s I.D. before letting them board the boat. Having an additional I.D. on hand provides additional protection for the renter as well as the boat owner and boat captain.

Keep informed of the state’s boating laws before taking out the boat

Every state has different laws, as well as in regards to boating regulations. Since many bodies of water actually cross state lines, it’s important the stay informed about the individual boating laws in each state. In addition to boating laws, there are also laws regulating fishing in specific areas and many times these laws change from season to season. So when you’re taking out your bareboat rental, it’s always a best practice to follow these state laws when preparing for your bareboat rental.

Treat the boat as if she was your own

Renting out boats to the public has never been easier, especially with Boatsetter’s online boat rental marketplace. And as we all know, a boat is a boat owner’s best friend and should be treated with the same respect as you would treat your own boat. So the next time you hop aboard your bareboat rental, just remember that one day that same boat could be yours and you should always treat the boat with the same love and care as you would your own mama.

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