Men's Clothing Tips for Boating in the Summer in 2019

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Most people like being fashionable, even while sailing on a boat. No, especially while sailing on a boat. And while you should always look your best when you’re island hopping in the Bahamas or cruising along the Italian coast, comfortability and durability are key. Combining style with comfort and durability is any fashionable boater’s goal, and while some boaters look their best in a white v-neck and swim trunks others may want to heat things up a bit. From the do’s and don’t on clothing tips for boating, we’ve got you covered from ship to store. So without further ado, here’s our detailed guide for your next sailboat, speedboat, fishing, or yacht charter.

Keep it casual and keep it light

With the summer heat on our shoulders, being out on the water with your boat rental can get especially hot. How hot? Well...that depends. To play things safe, we suggest wearing light durable clothing that can dry easily. Because, after all, you’re most likely gonna get wet, right? Lightweight button-down, short sleeve shirts will give you enough wiggle room to man the boat while providing you with room to let the fresh breeze cool you down. They also look good and can be a better alternative to your typical cotton t-shirt which will take some time to dry if you get it wet.

A few stripes and closed toes shoes never hurt anyone

As always, if you wanna look nautical this summer while you're out on your yacht or birthday party boat rental, then you can go for the classic boating look and always wear stripes. If you can find a button-down shirt with short sleeves and navy and white stripes, even better. Popeye would be proud. You can also pair these shirts with some nice khaki or navy shorts and a pair of Sperrys because after all sandals and flip flops are not always your friends when it comes to boating. Wearing closed-toe shoes that can dry easily, provide protection to your feet, and give some support to prevent slipping are always a good move when it comes to what to wear on a sailboat.

A nice pair of Raybans and a cool hat for the final touch

To add a little flair to your boating outfit, we suggest wearing some eye protection from the sun. After all, those UV rays can be quite damaging especially when you’re exposed out on the water in the middle of summer. Try adding a nice pair of Raybans or Oakleys to your attire and look even better while protecting your eyes. To take things a little further, you can grab your favorite sports cap or another summer hat to keep out the sun. All in all, these little additions will give you the final touch to bring your boating outfit together while providing you with optimal protection from that mid-summer heat. And, of course, last but not least, it’s always a good idea to bring along some strong sunblock and at least one dry towel. Now that you’ve got the perfect clothing tips for boating in the summer of 2019 and what to wear on your next sailboat or fishing charter, it’s time to set sail!

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