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Long Vacations on the Ocean

An extended yacht charter is a great experience for any length of time, but an extended stay is a much more diverse and full experience. In fact, most yachting professionals strongly recommend that your charter last at least one week. The top yachting destinations of the world are all interesting places and having enough time is paramount. Many of the best yacht charter destinations are not doable in just a few days. So, in order to ensure you are not disappointed and that you have time to see everything you want to on your vacation, we recommended planning for a week-long yacht charter. And if even that sounds too short, there are yacht charters available with extended stay options.

Extended Stay Options

Imagine waking up on a yacht, with your closest friends and family, for two weeks straight, or even a month. Sounds like a nice dream! An extended yacht charter is the ideal vacation for families taking advantage of summer vacation time, newlyweds celebrating their marriage and retirees who are jumping into the non-working world feet first. So, what exactly do you do on a yacht charter vacation? Keep in mind that there may be a few rainy days on the yacht and so you may need to bring along some old-fashioned activities like cards or board games (especially because wi-fi will not often be available at sea). We’ve outlined a few questions to consider:

  •          - What is the cost difference between a short excursion and a longer excursion? Using this information, you can determine the cost per day for both shorter and longer trips. The numbers might surprise you and they might help you work out the ideal duration of your vacation. In many cases, longer trips yield a cheaper cost per day. Learn more about the cost of yacht charters.

  •          - What are the “must sees” on your trip? Surely there are places you want to see, dishes you want to try and activities you want to master while on your yacht vacation? Compile these wishes into a list and start doing some research. Determine how long each of these activities would take by considering travel time, activity time and recovery time. Evaluating your “must sees” can help determine the minimum amount of time you must budget for so that everyone can see and experience everything they want to.

  •          - Who is joining you on your charter? This question is necessary for two reasons: (1) you want to make sure you can still enjoy the company of your guests on day 6 and beyond, and (2) on an extended yacht you will have time for all your guests to have fun together. A yacht can be a small place when someone is getting on your nerves, so it is important to think about how long you could peacefully enjoy the company of your travel partners. It might be a good idea to consider having friends or family join you at different destinations.

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There is so much of the world to see! Experiencing the sights, sounds and smells of a new place is heightened when traveling by boat. Whether you are looking to explore Europe or sail around the Caribbean, Boatsetter can help you find and reserve an extended yacht charter vacation. Boatsetter works with the best professionals in the industry to ensure a unique and magical experience on the ocean for a few days, weeks or even months. Learn more about how Boatsetter can help you plan your extended yacht charter vacation.

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