The 5 Best Saltwater Fishing Spots in the U.S.

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With All the Great Fishing Out there It Can Be Hard to Find the Right Spots

Galveston, Texas

Galveston is known around the world as being one of the most dynamic saltwater fishing spots in the U.S. With your Houston boat rental, you can visit Galveston Bay and the Chocolate Bay to experience coastal living at its finest. With a Boatsetter fishing boat rental, you can embark on a bareback boat charter or a guided fishing trip. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced angler, you can rent one of our fishing boats and cast your line into the water. With bareboat rentals and private fishing trips alike, you can rest assured that you’ll only discover the best fishing spots this Texas getaway has to offer.

Cudjoe Key, Key West

When it comes to fishing, Cudjoe Key can’t be beaten! Filled with flats, channels, bridges, reefs, and even wrecks, this little island in the southern keys is home to some of the best fishing in the world. In the gulf wrecks, you can expect to find everything from cobia to snapper along with grouper and kingfish. You might even find some Spanish mackerel on your line. While affected by Hurricane Irma, Cudjoe Key has made a steady comeback over the last year and a half with anglers flocking to the area to get a shot at some serious fishing opportunities. So cruise on over with your Cudjoe Key boat rental and don’t miss out on the action!

Destin, Florida

Up in the Panhandle, lies perhaps the biggest fishing town in the world. Destin, known for its abundance of fishing boats and guided tours, is home to some of the best anglers in the country. With its pristine beaches and popularity, this destination is a terrific place to take the family for a week-long getaway. Known for its Destin Harbour Boardwalk, there’s no better place to hop aboard a boat with a Destin boat rental and admire all this beautiful coastline has to offer.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Known by locals as the “Sailfish Capital of the World,” Fort Lauderdale’s fishing season stretches throughout the year with peak fishing season running from early April through October before everyone heads to Sailfish Alley for the months of December and January. Because of Fort Lauderdale's close proximity to the Gulf Stream, the city’s coast is home to many coral reefs and shipwrecks which, in turn, become havens for fish of all sizes. For those adventurous souls looking to hit the water and go boating in Fort Lauderdale with their family and friends, one can expect to reel in everything from an abundance of Amberjack to King Mackerel.

Providence, Rhode Island

Rhode Island represents a real little paradise for all the fishermen. The Providence  River and Greenwich Bay are rich in fishes, so you won’t come back from your fishing trip emptyhanded. When you rent a boat in Rhode Island, it’s best to bring your fellow fishermen friends and cruise away. Sail through the Providence River at early dawn and drop your anchor somewhere around Warwick. The bay welcomes the most popular fish like striped bass. You can also catch the American eel and the bluegill. The freshwater fishing is truly amazing here. Apart from hooks and rods, you can also take in the calming nature that surrounds Rhodes. Once you had enough of fishing, continue your Northeastern coast boat charter tour.

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