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Your Guide to the Finest Bays Houston Has to Offer

When it comes to boating in Texas, few cities are harder to beat than Houston, Texas. Houston is home to world-renowned entertainment and A-list dining, but the best way to explore this sprawling destination is by escaping the crowded city and opting for a fun getaway on the water. From fishing and sailing to kayaking along the lakes and bayous, Houston boat rentals offer a plethora of water activities for water lovers of all types. 

With your Houston boat rental, you can visit Galveston Bay and the Chocolate Bay to experience coastal living at its finest. With a Boatsetter fishing boat rental, you can embark on a bareback boat charter or a guided fishing trip. You can also rent a powerboat for a fun-filled day on the water, or spend the night stargazing to the sounds of the sea on a romantic getaway. Sailing lessons for all skill levels are available to help you prepare for your sea voyage.

Experience the Buffalo Bayou

Take a kayaking or pontoon adventure along Buffalo Bayou, the winding waterway on which Houston was founded, to experience the city from a whole new angle. Paddlers will encounter plenty of opportunities to spot loggerhead turtles and blue herons along the bayou banks, as well as spectacular views of the downtown skyline. Private charters along the bayou are also available. Rides are generally 1 to 1½ hours long and provide excellent opportunities for admiring historic landmarks like the notable McKee Street Bridge and sight-seeing along with the heart of downtown.

Summer Sunset Tours

Enjoy the cool breeze as you glide along the bayou waters at sunset with one of our Houston boat rentals. Rides range from 30 minutes to 4-hours and are the perfect way to unwind after a fun-filled day. Keep an eye on the glistening waters for leaping fish and graceful herons in mid-flight.

Sailing & Jet Skiing

With more than 90,000 pleasure boats registered in the Clear Lake and Galveston Bay area, you’ll notice recreational sailing is a popular activity for many locals. If you've always wanted to learn to sail, now is your chance to make new friends and gather some expert tips on how to successfully cast off. Then rent your own sailboat for what will surely be an unforgettable experience.

Ply through the waters on a high-speed jet ski, or embark on a day-long guided fishing charter. Houston has something for everyone. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced sailor, lessons are available for all skill levels, taught by experienced instructors who will guide you through the basics of navigation, racing, and cruising.

Scuba Diving

Scuba divers can explore the plant and marine life of various lake ecosystems including Lake Livingston and 288 Lake where visibility is normally optimal, making this area an ideal place to explore the depths. The spring and aquifer-fed water of 288 Lake is naturally filtered by limestone, offering divers some of the best visibility in the region.

Fishing is Galveston is for anglers of all types

Don’t miss Collins Park, a 55-acre park with various nature trails and plenty of fishing opportunities along the creek. White bass and crappie abound in late winter and early spring along Cypress Creek, while catfish can be caught year-round.

A little further north you will find Lake Livingston, a large reservoir lake surrounded by natural splendor that’s just as good of a boating destination as Lake Travis. White bass and catfish fishery are notable in the lake, while white-tailed deer, mallards, and swamp rabbits commonly frequent the woods. The lake also provides ample opportunities for picnicking, camping and mountain biking.

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