Lake Travis, the Perfect Texas Getaway

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Lake Travis, Texas

Stretching out across the Colorado River lies Lake Travis, one of the best weekend getaways in the state of Texas. As part of the Texas Highland Lakes, Lake Travis holds more water than any of the other five main reservoirs in the state, making it the perfect place to hit the water with a Lake Travis boat rental. From fishing for Largemouth bass and Striped bass to cruising down the lake in speedboat rental, there are endless opportunities abound at this Texas getaway for the entire crew. To make the most of your Lake Travis adventure, we’ve compiled a guide to get you on your way so you can enjoy all that this beautiful lake has to offer.

Rent a speedboat and get in on the water sports action

Once you have rented the perfect Lake Travis speedboat, it’s time to hit the water in style. You can cruise down the lake and let that fresh Texas air pass through your hair as you take in the beautiful sights. Since the lake is surrounded by several different nature reserves and parks you can get a glimpse of some of the area’s best-known species. Once you’ve found the perfect spot on the lake that isn’t too crowded, you can tie up the wakeboard and get in on some epic water sports activities or even cast your line and unleash the angler inside of you. And if fishing isn’t enough you can also rent a party boat in Austin, Texas and hang out with the locals.

Head on over the Pace Bend Park for some cliff jumping

Now that you’ve had some fun on the boat, it’s time to head over to Pace Bend Park. You can anchor up here near many of the park’s cliffs and even do a little cliff jumping into the water. Of course, as always you’ll want to use safety precautions along the way. To get things amped up a little more you can play some music from the boat while you watch your friend nail a gainer and land in that cool lake water. You can even take a break and enjoy some lunch if you were lucky enough to pack some sandwiches!

Dock up at the Hippie Hollow Park sandbar

Now that you’ve cooled down with a nice swim in the lake, it’s time to cruise on over to the Hippie Hollow Park sandbar. Here you can anchor up and enjoy some of that Texas sun. You can relax on your Lake Travis boat rental’s nice leather seats as you listen to that playlist you made last week. You can even jump ship for a moment and relax on the sand and if you’re lucky you just might find an umbrella to provide you with some shade.

Anchor up at Devil’s Cove and get in on the party

All the Texans know that when it comes to partying with your Lake Travis boat rental on the lake, there’s no better place to go than Devil’s Cove. Here you can find all the lake’s partygoers and anchor up next to them to create one big superyacht. You’ll find music blasting from the speakers and people kicking back cold ones as they enjoy all that this beautiful lake has to offer.

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