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You’re Guide to Exploring Boating Options in Kauai

When we think of Hawaii, we think of water than you can see straight through, delicious pineapple, and boats. After all, Kauai has so many excellent things to do that you can spend months there and still try a new activity each day. To make sure you get the most out of your little Kauai getaway, we’ve compiled this ultimate guide detailing the best things you can do around the island on a boat! So whether you’re looking to take out a private bareboat charter or want to hire one of our experienced captains to lead you to the secret spots, Boatsetter’s got you covered. 

A Napali Coast boat tour sounds good to us

No trip to Kauai is complete with a trip down to the Napali Coast and State Wilderness Park. With staggeringly tall cliffs, crystal waters and an abundance of wildlife, it is a must for any traveler to the island. Since the most stunning views come from the seaside, you can take our your Kauai boat rental and anchor up at a secluded beach for a little beachside grill and chill. Just don’t forget the pineapple.

Feel like Snorkeling? We got you covered

On most sides of the island, you can find some pretty excellent snorkeling. But snorkeling the north shore is one of the best Kauai activities because it is packed with so many great options. The reefs along Kee Beach and Haena Beach are just the beginning of some of the amazing places that you can head out to and see the brightly colored fish and plants native to the region. Since most of our Kauai boat rentals come with snorkeling gear onboard you can anchor up in the middle of the ocean and dive in for a look at some seriously exotic aquatic life.

Check out the whales passing by

People fleeing winter weather in the states aren’t the ones only who came around from late November to March to enjoy Kauai. This is prime whale watching season and a great time to see all the different kinds of whales that flock there to enjoy the warm waters and plentiful fish. With you rent a boat in Kauai, Hawaii, you can head out to the best spots and see humpback whales and blue dolphins among many other fantastic sea creatures.

Enjoy some epic water sports

Nothing quite says, “Aloha,” like landing a 360 while surfing down the water on a wakeboard. With an epic amount of Kauai speed boat rentals in the area, you can head out on the water in style with the entire crew. From wakeboarding to water skiing, you can enjoy this little Hawaiian getaway as you’ve never experienced before. Just be sure to bring along some cold beverages and a nice packed lunch so you can have a picnic on your Kauai after a long day out on the water. So if you’re looking for fun things to do in Kauai, Hawaii, just follow this guide and you’ll be one happy boater.

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