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Kauai is nicknamed the “Garden Island” because of how much natural beauty there is. And as we all know, with great natural beauty, comes great natural cuisine. With that being said, you might have guessed, there is no shortage of great dining options on this little slice of paradise. From some of the best seafood like grilled lobster and crab to dishes with a little Asian twist from nearby Japan, prepare for your tastebuds to be entertained. With so many restaurants nestled right up on the water, you can easily anchor up your Kauai boat rental and slide right over to a table at a great restaurant. 

Boatsetter’s Kauai dining guide has some of the top choices that you have to check out on your Hawaiian getaway when you’re getting hungry after a long day on the water and want to jump head first into the local cuisine scene.

Oasis Restaurant has been delighting customer for years

Probably the best-known and most well-reviewed Kauai, Hawaii waterfront restaurant is Oasis Restaurant known for its stunning ocean views, relaxed atmosphere and all-around fantastic food. From sunrise to sundown, you can try everything from seafood to vegetarian options. And with the ocean right at its doorstep and natural forests on each side, you can rest assured that everything you’re served will be as fresh as it comes.

Duke’s Kauai, makes for a great lunch spot

This is Kauai, Hawaii waterfront restaurant is not only a great lunch spot but dinner place as well. Duke’s Kauai is part of the famous Duke’s family. Duke Kahanamoku traveled around the world to introduce Hawaiian culture, food, and surfing to people everywhere. Whether you try the Kushiyaki chicken or Macadamia nut pesto, you are sure to find something you love. Best of all is the view. You are right on the beach and can enjoy the stunning bay and if the conditions are right, check out the surfers hitting some big waves. So cruise on over with your Kauai boat rental and taste the local cuisine.

Port Allen Sunset Grill & Bar makes for a nice atmosphere

Boatsetter’s Kauai dining guide has you now sailing around the south to Port Allen Sunset Grill & Bar. You are probably having a hard time guessing what you can really enjoy by going here. The perfect spot to watch the sunset, Port Allen Sunset Grill & Bar offers the freshest seafood pulled straight from the boats in the marina. The casual atmosphere and great food make it a great place to unwind after a day on the water. They also have live music and make some seriously delicious cocktails, so kick back and relax at this little Kauai, Hawaii waterfront restaurant by the ocean.

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