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Celebrate Labor Day with Yacht Rentals and More

Labor Day is always observed on the first Monday in September and will be observed this year on Monday, September 2, 2021. This holiday has traditionally marked the end of summer, so it is an excellent opportunity to visit your favorite lake or river for a long weekend of boating, either by taking the helm on your own or by enjoying some time off with your family. With Boatsetter, you have the choice of renting all types of boats, so select one that will suit your needs best. Here are just a few of the many other options available to you for an affordable boat rental this Labor Day.

Pontoon Boat Rental

A pontoon boat is a flat-looking boat that relies on pontoons, or tubes, to float. These types of boats are some of our most popular rental options due to their easy maneuverability and compact size. They are generally used in ponds, lakes, rivers, and seas when the weather is calm. Keep in mind that pontoon boats are light boats, so be aware that they may not be ideal in waves and windy conditions. One of the best things about a pontoon boat is its shallow height of as little as eight inches, which definitely reduces the risk of running aground and sustaining any underwater damage. This makes it easy to dock your pontoon boat rental at a waterfront restaurant and enjoy the setting sun at the end of a relaxing day of boating.

Yacht Rentals and More

A yacht generally refers to a large vessel used for pleasure or sports. At Boatsetter, we offer a wide variety of yachts on which you can go sailing. You don’t even need to know how to sail, because you have the option of choosing whether or not to hire a captain for your Labor Day boat rental. One of our experienced captains will do all of the work for you, including navigation, preparation, and cleanup.

Rent a Wakeboard Boat

A wakeboard boat creates a large wake behind it. These boats are ideal for water skiing and other similar activities. You’ll be sure to find an activity that everybody in your family can enjoy. Spend some time searching through our large database of boats to find these types of vessels in your specific location.

Selecting a Location

It’s easy to work a family boating vacation into your Labor Day plans. Once you have picked out what type of boat you’d like to rent, one of the final steps is selecting some exciting trips that might work in your specific location. Don’t forget that the most important part of the process is to lay back and relax by enjoying the last part of your summer with a few more ideas for your next holiday boat rental.

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