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You’re Guide to Getting Around Strong Island

A Long Island boat rental is something that will change your perspective on boating for sure. Easy access to the waters around Long Island and lovely beaches are a synonym for Long Island. When it comes to boating and fishing Long Island is truly the place to be. Taking your yacht rental and cruising the Hamptons is the perfect opportunity to enjoy the best boating summer vacation ever, whether you are a New Yorker or a tourist. Also, renting a boat in Long Island will introduce you to another, a completely different side of New York City.

Friends & Family Day at Jones Beach 

Jones Beach Island is situated on the southern coast of Long Island. It is also home to more than 6 miles of long beautiful white-sand beaches on the Atlantic Ocean. Take your Long Island boat rental and spend the day on Jonas Beach with your family and friends. Here is an ideal spot to jump off the boat swim around in the open, clean water. The area around the beach has lifeguards so you can relax. All you have to do is put on sunglasses and work on your tan on the starboard while sailing around.

Go for Some Montauk Fishing

Montauk or the Navy Beach is a perfect place to spend a quiet afternoon on your yacht rental. Spend an unbelievable day on the water, fishing for striped bass. Bring your fishing gear and snacks and have a lovely day on our Long Island boat rental, because this is the best place to catch your dinner. Montauk is undeniably a special place in this area due to its calm waters and its mesmerizing surroundings. Here you can forget about the city noise, cast your line and chill for the day.

Meet the Peconic River Confluence

The Great Peconic Bay is the name for two bays between the North Fork and South Fork of Long Island. The bay is at the place where Peconic river meets the ocean. Here you can snorkel in the calm waters, or sit on the deck and work on your tan. This is a perfect place to have a family picnic on your Long Island boat rental because there is a lot to see both above and underwater. Since there is a confluence, there is a lot of fish you can see when you jump in the water. After all, swimming with the fish here has a totally different meaning! 

Welcome to the Hamptons

The Hamptons are surely on a bucket list for those who like to see a “fancy” side of New York. Once you board your Long Island yacht rental in the Hamptons and decide to cruise around, you will quickly realize the reason why so many celebrities and tourists come to this part of Long Island. This area has many beautiful beaches and dunes. The Hamptons are the perfect place to bring a book and sunbathe. Renting a boat is an ideal choice if you want to visit Hamptons and avoid traffic jams. This sounds like a much quicker and quieter idea, doesn’t it?

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