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Your Guide to Making the Most of Your Superyacht Adventure

Yes, it's just as you imagine it, the luxury, the lifestyle, the freedom - it’s all at your fingertips. You can choose whether you want a captain to accompany you or not depending on what kind of trip you’re looking for. Whether you want to celebrate life like Gatsby or take your family for the trip of their lifetime, Boatsetter’s got you covered. So, without further ado, let’s talk about why you need superyacht rental experience in your life.

Explore The World Like A King

Once you’ve decided that a vacation aboard a magnificent superyacht somewhere in the Caribbean is exactly what you need, it’s time to pack your bags and go. Wherever in the world, you want to go, a luxurious superyacht charter is waiting just for you to make your dream vacation come true. Want to experience the exotic wonders of Asia, or, perhaps, delight in the beauty of Mediterranean shorelines? No problem. And, with your very own luxurious superyacht charter, you will enjoy those wonderful destinations on a whole new level.

Make Your Family Vacation the Most Special Occasion

Contrary to popular beliefs and Hollywood movies, most superyacht vacations aren’t anything other than lovely family vacations. The perfect balance of divine luxury, open skies, and family intimacy can all be found on board our giant child-friendly vessels. Think about it, you and your family deserve this. Cruise out in the vastness of the big blue, the ocean wind blowing at your back gliding you towards anywhere. Visit villages, local sights and other children your kids can play with. Enjoy the company of other people who are traveling on yachts and share your experiences. Finally, kick back and relax in the night with your loved one whilst the kids are asleep and the moonlight sparkles up the darkened waters. Now that would be quite an anniversary, wouldn’t you agree?

Take Your Work Retreat to The Next Level

You’ve been working your whole life towards achieving your goals. You’re successful, but the corporate world has you feeling tired and exhausted. Fear not, there is a solution. Forget about work for a while, seek some freedom too! While superyachts are wonderful for corporate meetings, impressing your business partners and other useful corporate madness-infusing policies, they’re great for your health, both physical and mental. Spend a couple of days on board a superyacht charter rental with your coworkers and this work retreat will have you feeling as young as the morning and as less old as the sea.

Sail on a Luxurious Adventure with Your Friends

You have a group of people you love to travel with? Why not plan an extravagant, exciting and mesmerizing party you’ll remember forever! Some of our superyachts can host more than 40 people. Or, if you prefer something more peaceful, you can just cruise in your own hotel-on-the-sea, making every place you decide to anchor up in a new resort. Sure, regular 5-star hotels are amazing, but they’re incomparable to the freedom, nature, and personalized service of a superyacht. Maybe all of you love to sail. If so, check out our sailing yachts to see what will suit you best. Maybe you’d prefer a unique setting where teamwork and responsibility are key.

So, come aboard. Port, deck, and starboard are prepared and ready to suit your desires.

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