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Ever seen those giant, luxurious boats on the sea that look like they were built to sustain an entire company retreat and wanted to rent one? Well, now you can. From the islands of Greece to Miami, Florida, Boatsetter’s yacht rentals are waiting to give you the adventure of a lifetime. With the perfect yacht rental, there’s little you can’t do. Whether you’re looking to spend a few days on the water and sleep under the stars or host an entire family retreat, the perfect yacht experience is waiting to be unraveled.

A villa that you can take on the water sounds intriguing

Renting a yacht with Boatsetter is like renting a villa that you can take on water. You’ll have your own privacy and seclusion that most people can only dream of. Once you get aboard, you can rest assured that your yacht is your own private island for you and your companions and from the first day of the rental, the experience is only going to get better and better. Whether you’re looking to rent a yacht in Mykonos or Miami, you’ll be able to sail in style from one destination to another without worrying about the crowds and tourists that flood airports and city harbors.

Yachts are perfect for long getaways and island hopping

You can venture off to the islands and dock your yacht at a sandbar where you can sit back on its massive deck and drink cocktails while listening to your favorite tunes. Need a nap afterwards? No problem, many of Boatsetter’s yacht rentals come fully fitted with a multitude of bedrooms filled with beds built for a king’s sleep and bathrooms only the Sultans could dream of. With a full-service crew on board, you can rest assured that your culinary desires will not only be met but filled with only the finest local ingredients from the regions best chefs.

You can use the yacht to hop about some jet skis

Want a little more water action? No problem, we’ve got you covered. Many of Boatsetter’s yachts come with a supply of jet skis so you can hit the water at top speed and cruise off into the sunset with your friends, family, or simply just the one you love. Because adventures like these shouldn’t just be bound to the boat. They should be complementary to the boat. Once, you’re back on board you can become your own disc jockey, with some of the most high-quality speakers on the ocean blue. You’ll be able to sync up your Spotify via Bluetooth and jam out with the whole crew to the playlist you created called, “My epic yacht adventure.”

Because yachts aren’t just for the faint at heart

When the sun is setting and the stars are beginning to flicker, it’s time to pull out that favorite outfit you’ve been waiting to show off ever since you bought it. You can lounge on the deck and stargaze with the group while sipping back Long Island Ice Teas and a little bit of Frank Sinatra. But that’s not all, if you just happen to be a cinephile that loves movies as much as we love boating, you can sit back with your friends and family and enjoy a nice movie on one of your yacht rentals leather sofas. Because movies shouldn’t just be seen on land. They should also be seen on the water. In a yacht. Now, that’s what we call a premier.

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