Top 5 Most Exotic Boating Destinations in the World

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Barcelona, Spain is filled with Spanish splendor

Barcelona is undeniably one of the most exotic boating destinations in the world and also the right place for international yacht rentals. The city is famous for its architecture, beaches, and unique Spanish vibe. Escape the crowds and enjoy sailing, sun and the sea breeze along Barcelona’s beautiful coast. Swimming in the open sea always sounds like a good idea when you have a boat rental in Barcelona, especially if you would like to avoid popular beaches swarming with people. Warm water and the stunning city panoramas from the sea are good reasons to have a boat trip and enjoy this magnificent seaside metropolis.

Queensland, Australia will have you throwing another shrimp on the barbie

On the beautiful tropical coast of Queensland, in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef, are situated 74 islands known as The Whitsundays Islands. Start your boat rental adventure in Arlie Beach, pack up your stuff and go exploring in these amazing natural landscapes that are filled with numerous secluded beaches and lovely towns. Whitsunday Islands are one of the most exotic boating destinations in the area due to the untouched nature of the islands. If you would like to go snorkeling, Whitsunday Islands is the perfect place to enjoy fantastic coral sites, underwater caves, and an abundant sea world. For all those who love the ocean and sailing, this will be an unforgettable adventure.

French Rivera, France delivers the boating goods

Along the coast of Provence where the Alps and Mediterranean meet is the mesmerizing French Rivera, also called the Cote d’Azur. The French Riviera is famous for international yacht rentals because a boat rental is a perfect way to see the Riviera at its fullest. Whether you’re into laid back sailing or you would like to have a more active trip like going diving or snorkeling, you are in the right place. For those who enjoy sightseeing from the boat, we recommend you to have a glass of wine on your boat rented in French Riviera and enjoy the beautiful city of Nice, luxurious marinas in Cannes, or the view of the old fortresses as you take a swim in Antibes.

Split & Dubrovnik, Croatia has a private journey for everyone 

If you have rented some of our boats in Dubrovnik or Split, and still can’t decide where to sail, its understandable because Croatian islands are amazing and it is tough to choose where to go first. This area once belonged to ancient Rome, which contributes to the magnificent backdrop. Splendid waters of the Adriatic Sea make sailing around the Croatian coast a truly relaxing experience. Croatia is also well known for international yacht rentals. Taking photos at Hvar and Brac Islands will let you have amazing pictures as a memento of the most wonderful boating trip.

Nassau, Bahamas provides the best island hopping opportunities

If you took a boat rental in Nassau, Bahamas and you are looking for a unique travel experience, you can always sail to Grand Bahama Island and go swimming with pigs. It maybe sounds awkward, but this is the Bahamian activity that you will never forget. Grand Bahama Island is the place where you can enjoy perfectly crystal waters, stunning corals and beautiful surroundings, especially if you’re island hopping in the Bahamas with a Boatsetter sailboat rental. Grand Bahama is one of the most exotic boating destinations and a perfect choice for those who would like to experience something different.

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