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What Boats Can Teach Our Youth

In a world where so much of our lives happens in the digital landscape it is important to teach our children the wonders of the outdoors. The outdoors, nature specifically, always seems to entertain children without much effort - a wonder of mother nature, indeed! A boat has many lessons for children. We're not talking about how to tie knots (although that is important). Boats teach responsibility. They teach preparedness. They teach maintenance and caring for something. They teach respect for the environment we live in. Boats represent good company and taking advantage of beautiful days. Boats serve as a reminder that nature is fun. These are all lessons that parents are happy to teach their children and they do so, without intending to, every time they take their child on a boat rental. So, invest in some family time on a boat rental and help instill the following values in your children:
  • Respect for our oceans, lakes, rivers and inlets - when children and adults respect the environment they don’t litter, abuse animals, or create unnecessary waste.
  • Preparedness - bodies of water, especially the ocean, can be unforgiving. On a boat you prepare for the worst because your life, and the life of your passengers, may depend on it - a lesson that can be applied to many different aspects of life.
  • Maintenance - to enjoy nice things you need to maintain them. Taking care of a boat is necessary in order to enjoy its benefits. The same principle will apply to cars, cell phones and homes later in life.

Responsibility on the Water

Boating is a skill that is passed on and you can make learning this lifetime hobby fun for children of all ages. Try some of the activities below during your next boat rental ride:

  • Tie knots
  • Wash the boat
  • Put the boat in gear
  • Listen to radio
  • Sit on the captain's chair
  • Steer
  • Throw the anchor
  • Blow the horn
  • Wave to other boaters
  • Start the motor
  • Check the safety gear
  • Throw the life ring
  • Lower the engine
  • Interpret maritime signs
  • Deploy the fenders
  • Switch the navigation lights on and off
  • Load and unload
  • Crank the trailer winch
  • Put the plug in the boat
  • Put the bimini up/ down
  • Turn the batteries on
  • Fuel up
  • Navigate with a compass
  • Navigate with a GPS
  • Check the radar
Learn how one family uses their family boat to teach their 11-year-old and 8-year-old sons about nature, responsibility and fun, and check out our tips for bringing children on a boat trip. FYI: getting them involved in the boating process tops the list!

Fun on the Water

You don’t have to teach the next generation to love boating when they have fun doing it. The activities on a boat are endless:
  • Swimming
  • Snorkeling
  • Diving
  • Water boarding
  • Water skiing
  • Fishing
  • Sightseeing
  • Parasailing
  • Cruising
  • Jet skiing
  • Sun bathing
  • Kayaking
  • Canoeing
  • Boogie boarding
  • Surfing
  • Knee boarding
  • Kite surfing
  • Paddle Boarding
  • Sailing
  • Racing
  • Rowing
  • Lobstering
  • Bodyboarding

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