7 Secrets to Getting More Boat Rentals

Written by Boatsetter Team
February 21, 2018

Follow These 7 Easy Steps To Earn More Boat Rental Income!

With the sharing economy comes thousands of ways for the average citizen to make money with their assets such as spare rooms, cars and boats. If you’re a boat owner new to boat sharing or simply trying to step up your boat rental income game, we’ve got seven fundamental tips to help you achieve your goals and earn more money from your side hustle.

Follow these steps carefully and start earning more boat rental income today:

  1. Drop everything and update your pictures! Proven statistics show that boats with good photos get more boat rental requests. It’s the first impression a renter gets and boats without high quality images often get passed by. This is possibly the most important step you can take to make your boat rental listing more attractive to potential renters.
  2. Complete your profile (and update your calendar)! Add every detail about your amazing boat and be sure to keep your calendar up to date. Your goal is present all the info your online boater needs, so they don’t move on to a better option.
  3. Be ultra-responsive! It’s easy to keep an eye on your emails and responding promptly will improve your chances of earning more from your boat rental endeavor. Imagine yourself as a renter…you’d want to get your questions asked quickly and have fast confirmation that your rental is a go! Additionally, our hand-crafted algorithm ranks boats higher who respond quickly to messages.
  4. Connect with lots of great captains! By having many different captain options connected to your boat listing, you allow boaters with no experience to rent your boat. If there are not many options (or even worse none), you might miss out on a boat rental due to an unavailable captain.
  5. Set a competitive price! Check out the prices for boat rentals similar to your boat size and style in your area. Are you competitive? A renter will be doing the same thing, and sometimes price is the only criteria they use to pick the boat. Sometimes we recommend setting your price slightly under market value so you can get a lot of great reviews and rentals early on, and then increasing the price after several successful trips.
  6. Take a minute to add the special touches! Now that you’ve taken care of the fundamentals you need to attract renters who are in search of a great boat rental, it’s time to switch gears and think about the next step; impressing your renters. A few extra touches such as reaching out to renters personally to wish them a great trip or leaving a nicety on the boat for them on the rental day, can enhance the overall experience and result in repeat rentals for you!
  7. Seek reviews! If you know your renters had a great time on their boat rental, don’t forget to ask for a review. This type of “ social proof” can attract new renters looking for an amazing boat rental.

Listing your boat for rent with Boatsetter, the #1 boat rental community is a perfect way to pay for the expenses associated with boat ownership including dockage, insurance and maintenance. It’s free to get started, and with these seven tips, you’ll be on your way to earning serious cash flow today!

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