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Experience a Boca Raton Boat Rental With a Captain

Boatsetter Team
Written by Boatsetter Team
December 5, 2017

Boca Raton, Florida – the upscale enclave north of Fort Lauderdale and south of West Palm Beach, is the place where boating dreams can come true. No boat ownership needed and no experience necessary.

For the seasoned boater or the novice beginner, there are a lot of great boats available to choose from. Choosing a boat will hinge on which activities you seek on the beautiful waterways surrounding Boca Raton, Florida. Including a captain in your boat rental can take the experience to the next level for a seasoned boater who wants to relax and take it all in, the out of town boater who is unfamiliar with the waters of Boca and the novice who just wants to go boating.

Why Rent a Boat with a Captain?

Residents and visitors alike have caught onto a new trend:  renting a boat with a captain in Boca Raton. In fact, there are many companies, such as Boatsetter, that can match you up with great boats as well as licensed and experienced captains.

Once your captained-charter sets sail, you’ll enjoy having someone with you who has in-depth knowledge about your boat, the best places for fishing, the boat’s recreational equipment and where to find wonderful sunsets and scenery. They’ll also make sure that you have all the safety issues covered such as equipment and gear you need for safety (e.g. life vests, tow ropes).

Some of the other great benefits of boat rental:
* You’ll gain the advantage of trying out various types of sailboats and powerboats.
* There are never any maintenance, storage fees or any of the costs associated  with ownership.
* A licensed, professional captain is available to take care of the logistics and safety issues for you.

Really, all you do is sit back and enjoy your boating experience!

Deciding to Use a Hired Captain for Your Boca Raton Boat Rental?

Ultimately, boat ownership requires a lot of responsibility. You have yearly up-keep and maintenance to take care of. At the same time, boats are also a lot of money. This is especially true when you add in things like life vests, flares, bilge pumps, and fire extinguishers. Even if you know how to handle all these things yourself…When you stop to think about it, why not simply avoid all the hassle and hire a captain to take care of the hard work while you enjoy your boating adventure?

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