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Test Your Boating Knowledge – Take the responsible boater quiz

Written by Boatsetter Team
December 12, 2017

Safety is an important aspect of boating that can’t be ignored. The majority of all boating accidents occur due to operator errors. Even experienced boaters may not know all the rules of waterways they are in (especially if they are boating outside their local area).

Fun is on your agenda when you go boating, of course, but safety should be your number one priority. Once your boat and passengers’ safety is all taken care of…the fun part is easy – just add water!

Responsible Boater Quiz

Test your Responsible Boating Quotient below. Are you as good as you think you are? Let us know how you scored.

  1. Do you follow channel markers?
  2. Do you abide by posted speeds?
  3. Do you avoid anchoring in coral reefs or sea grass beds?
  4. Do you check for oil and gas leaks before heading out on your boat trip?
  5. Do you use oil absorbers under the engine and in the bilge?
  6. Do you replace the above regularly?
  7. Do you check for wear of cleats and lines before docking?
  8. Do you avoid alcohol if you are the driver?
  9. Do you check all safety equipment each time you go out boating?
  10. Do you file a float plan with all the details of boat trip each time you go out?

In case you skipped ahead, the answer to all ten boater quiz questions is yes. How you’d do? Responsible Boating is the key to having a great experience – each and every time you go out on the water. Boating, in our humble opinion, is the best way to spend your free time; but attention to safety and the rules of the waterways is a requirement not to be ignored.

My suggestion – strive to be an A student when you go boating! And, if all this pressure makes you nervous another option is to rent a privately-owned boat with an experienced, licensed captain….in this scenario all you have to do is pack the cooler and show up dockside. Just an option to consider, either way the ocean’s calling – let’s go boating!

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