Boating Safety Act of 2022

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Effective January 1, 2023, SB 606 (Florida Senate Bill 606), also known as the Boating Safety Act of 2022, requires all boat rental (livery) companies, both commercial and peer-to-peer operators, to obtain a no-cost permit through the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

The ultimate goal of this new law is to improve boating safety and prevent accidents on the water as participation in recreational boating continues to grow.

What is required of boat rental operators under SB 606?

Boatsetter owner

All boat rental operators (liveries)—whether commercial or peer-to-peer—will be required to complete the following, including, but not limited to:

  • Secure a no-cost livery permit from the FWC prior to offering a vessel for lease or rent
  • Secure an insurance policy which meets the specifications set under SB 606
  • Deliver pre-rental safety and operational instruction to Renters
  • Report any accidents or unnecessarily overdue rentals to the FWC
  • Display boating safety information in a place visible to the renting public


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Boat owners and commercial operators are encouraged to join the Florida Insurance Change SB 606 webinar scheduled for December 6, 2022 at 1PM EST.

Qualifying for the boat
rental permit

In order to qualify for the permit, boat rental operators must:

  • Provide the FWC with a list of all vessels offered by the livery for rent
  • Have valid insurance in compliance with what is mandated by the statute
  • Have the requisite amount of USCG-approved life jackets sufficient to accommodate the capacity of all vessels offered for rent
  • Have on site all safety equipment required by Florida and Federal laws
  • Display boating safety information in a place visible to the renting public

Insurance requirements

SB 606 requires boat rental operators to obtain and carry an insurance policy which insures both the rental operator and the renter for any accident, loss, injury, property damage, or other casualty resulting from the operation of the boat.

  • The policy must provide coverage of at least $500,000 per person and $1 million per event.
  • The boat rental operator must maintain proof of such insurance and make it available upon inspection.
  • The FWC must verify valid insurance during the boat rental operator permit approval process.

Pre-rental instructions

Ahead of all boat rental trips, operators must also implement pre-rental and pre-ride instructions with renters (otherwise known as a check-in/check-out process).

These instructions must, amongst other things, cover:

  1. Operational characteristics of the rented vessel
  2. Safe vessel operation and vessel right-of-way
  3. Boat operator's responsibility for the safe and proper operation of the vessel
  4. Waterway characteristics such as navigational hazards, boating-restricted areas, and water depths
  5. Emergency procedures.

The renter receiving the instruction must provide the livery with a statement attesting to each component of the instruction. Further, the FWC is required to establish by rule the content of the statement form.

Education & boating safety license requirements

Finally, under SB 606, boat rental operators and renters must comply with boating safety license requirements.

  • The boat rental operator, or their representative, who provides a renter with the required pre-rental instruction component must have a boating safety license in accordance with Fla. Stat. § 327.395.
  • The renter, or anyone operating the vessel, must also comply with the boating safety license requirements unless they meet an expressly enumerated statutory exemption.

What is Boatsetter doing to be compliant with SB 606?

Here at Boatsetter, we are proud to be the world’s only legally compliant and insured peer-to-peer boat rental marketplace, committed to ensuring safety and protection for both our owners and renters. In doing so, our team actively monitors and engages with federal and state officials to understand changes to boating regulations and take appropriate action within our boat rental community.

Boatsetter is taking multiple steps to provide new tools, support, and resources for current and new members of the Boatsetter owner community. Our goal is to proactively support our peer-to-peer owners and commercial operators by making this process as easy as possible to prepare for a great year of boating in 2023.

Boatsetter Owner's App

Additionally, Boatsetter plans to:

  • Release a new compliance tool that will streamline implementation and permit issuance
  • Create an enhanced check-in/check-out (CICO) procedure and templated form
  • Provide continued communication and support for operators ahead of Jan. 1, 2023


Join the free webinar to learn more

Boat owners and commercial operators are encouraged to join the Florida Insurance Change SB 606 webinar scheduled for December 6, 2022 at 1PM EST.

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