Canyon Lake, a Paradise Away from Home

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Canyon Lake, Texas

When the weather is nice there’ few things more enjoyable than a nice day out on the water with a Canyon Lake boat rental. Only 35 miles south of Austin, this outdoor haven is known for its lush hiking trails, fresh water, and of course, all the boats that line the water. From pontoons to speedboats, Canyon Lake provides fun for family and friends alike. With the right Canyon Lake boat rental there’s very little you can’t do. To help you along with your Canyon Lake journey we’ve compiled this guide to ensure you have the best experience possible with your Canyon Lake boat rental.

Hop aboard a pontoon and cruise in style

Pontoon boats, known for their comfort and their ability to hold groups of up to fourteen people, are perfect for taking out on the water. With the right pontoon rental, you can play your favorite tunes while you cruise down the water with an ice cold beverage in tow. Great for leisure, these boats can take you everywhere from the middle for the lake all the way to the sandbars. From Canyon Lake Marina, there’s plenty of Boatsetter pontoons that you can book before your trip to ensure your Canyon Lake experience is one to remember. Just be sure to bring a swimsuit and a towel because your chances of getting wet are about one hundred percent. And, as always, some good sunglasses to provide some shade will always come in handy under that hot Texas sun.

Go fishing and water skiing from the pontoon

Fortunately, pontoons are excellent boats for a little water sport and recreation. Since most pontoons come fitted with a back deck, you can easily go swimming in that nice, cold lake water. Once you’ve cooled down with a nice swim in the lake, you can throw on some water skis and go water skiing. And if the water skiing isn’t enough, no worries, your Canyon Lake boat rental has you covered. For experienced anglers and beginners alike, you can fish from the pontoon for some of Canyon Lakes well-known Lake trout and Largemouth bass. Also, it’s worth mentioning that pontoons are great for kids since they’re considered much safer than speedboats and have comfortable areas to sit and swim from.

Take a tour of Canyon Gorge

By far one of the most beautiful areas in all of Canyon Lake is the 64-acre Canyon Gorge. With a Canyon Lake boat rental you can explore the gorge which lies just off of the Guadalupe River. For those of you that are interested in geology, this is the perfect place to see the natural history of Canyon Lake while getting an inside look at one of Texas’ best-known gorges. For kids and adults alike, Canyon Gorge is a real-life classroom that provides insight into the history of Texas geology. Even some of the nations best geologists and oil company representatives come to this gorge to study the faults and fracturing of the Canyon Gorge limestone.

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