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Florida Boat Rentals Are Perfect Weekend Trips for Floridians

As a Floridian, you know that the beaches on the west side of the state are different than the beaches on the east side of the state. The water in the Florida Keys looks different than the surf in Jacksonville Beach – not to mention the obvious temperature change. Yes, Florida residents understand there are different types of beaches, each offering different activities and unique atmospheres and Florida boat rentals make for the perfect staycation. 

For this reason, and many more, Florida is a great state for staycations. The sunshine state offers residents the opportunity to explore new cities that are just a few hours away but feel like an entirely new experience. Below, we’ve outlined some of our favorite boating towns in Florida that are perfect for a staycation: Fort Lauderdale/Miami, West Palm Beach, Key West, Tampa, and Jacksonville.

Dockside Dining in Fort Lauderdale and Miami

As a Floridian, you have surely noticed all of the waterfront restaurants in Fort Lauderdale and Miami. Each has their quirks, so keep reading to see which type of restaurant you might prefer. Whether you want a quiet night on the water, a breathtaking beach view, or just a menu of fantastic dining options, Fort Lauderdale and Miami have something for you. Find your favorite place to dock and eat after your fabulous day on the water.

West Palm Beach: Relaxing in South Florida

In a long weekend, you could lounge poolside in West Palm Beach and do some offshore fishing at some of our favorite local spots. The stretch from Palm Beach to Miami is only about 90 minutes, which means you can extend your boat trip down the southern coast of the state with ease. You can also cruise over with your boat rental and dock up at one of Florida’s waterfront restaurants for some tasty local cuisine.

Deep-Sea Fishing in Key West

Many visitors say that Key West is best done in a long weekend. For starters, walk up and down Duval Street and take in the sights, sounds, and colors. At the Key West Bight Marina around 4 p.m., you can see tarpon feeding. Early the next morning, set out for some deep-sea fishing. There are plenty of shipwrecks and reefs right offshore that are sure to land you some grouper or snapper. Later in the day, check out some other things to do in the Florida Keys.

Celebrating Pirates in Tampa

If you need a vacation after the holidays, check out Florida boat rentals in Tampa in early January and enjoy the festivities of Gasparilla. The entire city turns into a party as the town celebrates the return of Captain Jose Gaspar. Secure a boat rental and join the parade, which attracts more than 200,000 people every year.

Relaxing in the Clear Waters of Jacksonville

Jacksonville has white sandy beaches and is the perfect weekend stop for those who live in central Florida. You will certainly feel refreshed after spending a day at gorgeous, pristine Amelia Island State Park. There are no cars on the beach here – only salty wind, white sand, and clear water.

Secure your Florida boat rental and enjoy

A critical part of your staycation in Florida will be access to a boat. Luckily, Florida boat rentals companies like Boatsetter make it easy to reserve a boat on the fly. Find boat rentals in St. Pete, Tampa, the Florida Keys, West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Panama City, St. Augustine and many more states and cities across the country. Boatsetter is the best way to enjoy the water. The process is hassle-free and gives you the flexibility you need to schedule your staycation just the way you see fit. Log on today to find perfect Florida boat rentals for your staycation with Boatsetter.

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