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Your Guide to Yachting in the Sunshine State

We wouldn’t be surprised if you told us that Florida comes to mind when you think about luxury private yacht charters. Florida has world famous beaches and natural beauty up and down the coast. The majority of the state has a true ocean set of mind. In South Florida, particularly, boating is a way of life – it’s more than a hobby.

Floridians love the water and the sunshine. Ahem. So do the snowbirds. Florida’s visitors come year-round for the consistently warm climate. Florida yacht charters have a season that runs from December to March when much of the United States is under layers of snow. Can you think of a better way to skip winter than a luxury yacht charter in Florida? No? Us either.

Florida’s geography is ideal for longer Florida yacht charters that double as vacations and Florida is a peninsula, meaning there is water on all three sides of the state. Florida yacht charters are also a popular starting point for longer trips throughout the Caribbean. In the span of a day, you can travel from Palm Beach County, on the east coast, to the Bahamas. The state really is a gateway to the Caribbean!

Fort Lauderdale, the yachting capital of the world

We didn’t make that title up. Fort Lauderdale, located in South Florida on the east side of the state, has been dubbed the “yachting capital of the world,” and isn’t a surprise to residents of the area. Just check out these local boating statistics. In 2011, yacht sales in Fort Lauderdale generated more than two billion dollars. Now that’s a lot of dough.

Less than an hour south of Fort Lauderdale is the heart of Miami which is also known as the “Cruising Capital of the World.” Basically, if you’re looking for a private yacht charter in Florida, South Florida is the go-to destination and the ideal starting point. But if you’re looking to anchor up at Haulover Sandbar or go island hopping in the Bahamas we got you covered there too!

Miami, the perfect destination for the fun in the sun

Miami is an exciting place to visit via boat or land. The city grew overnight into an international destination that houses some of the wealthiest people and celebrities in the country. The skyline is dotted with shiny buildings and brilliant architecture that reflect the sunrise every morning, creating a view from the ocean that is really indescribable. When you dock your yacht charter in Miami you can expect to find high-end shops, fine dining, and an active nightlife scene. With your Miami yacht charter, you can cruise on out into the Biscayne Bay and enjoy that endless Florida sunshine from the luxury of your private yacht charter. You can also cruise on over to Haulover Sandbar for some fun in the sun.

Fort Lauderdale, a quieter alternative to Miami

Fort Lauderdale is slightly quieter than Miami and only about 45 minutes away. Fort Lauderdale has wide beaches and a spring break vibe 365-days a year. The view from Fort Lauderdale usually includes large cargo ships that line up outside of Port Everglades. When you dock, you’ll discover many seaside shops and classy dining options. Overall, Fort Lauderdale is a quieter alternative to neighboring Miami and it’s the perfect place to spend the night on the water when you rent a yacht in this laidback destination.

Boatsetters got you covered

Boatsetter is a boat sharing company. We’re based in South Florida and specialize in helping boaters around the world find boat rentals and yacht charters that are ideal for their vacations, celebrations and boating adventures. The hardest part of booking your yacht charter will be choosing the date and you’re on your own with that one! Together we can find the perfect vessel for your Florida yacht charters.

Every captain that works with Boatsetter is licensed to charter yachts and boats by the United States Coast Guard because safety is our number one concern. Your yacht charter reservation process will be smooth sailing with Boatsetter and if you want to rent a bareboat yacht charter in Florida we got you covered there too!

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