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Lake Norman, North Carolina

Known for being the largest man-made body of freshwater in the entire state of North Carolina, Lake Norman’s got the goods when it comes to boating in the, “Tar Heel State.” From fishing for Striped bass to water skiing with a Lake Norman boat rental, there’s a whole lot of water activities going on at this fabulous lake for friends and family alike. Stretching nearly forty miles long and nine miles wide, there’s room for everyone in this wonderful lake that reaches depths or over thirty feet! Lucky for you, Boatsetter is here to guide you on your way with the best insider tips to making the most of your trip to Lake Norman.

Hit the water and go fishing in style

As with any lake as big as Lake Norman, no trip to this destination is complete without a Lake Norman boat rental. With one of Boatsetter’s Lake Norman boat rentals, you can hit the water and go fishing for the lake’s best freshwater catches. The great thing about fishing on the lake is that anyone can participate. Since the lake is man-made, it’s especially calm and experienced anglers as well the kids can enjoy a warm summer day here relaxing on a pontoon boat while sitting back with a rod-in-hand.

Go water skiing from the boat

Whether you’re cruising the lake with a pontoon or a speedboat, these waters make for the perfect water sports experience. Since many of the Lake Norman boat rentals come with options for wakeboarding and waterskiing, there’s plenty of options to get a little sport and recreation, all with the help of a boat. Since the boats come with skis for both adults and children alike, you won’t have to worry about the young ones missing out on all the water sports action.

Enjoy an afternoon lunch on the boat with family and friends

All that fishing, water skiing, and wakeboarding is a lot of fun for one day but it will leave just about anyone hungry! We suggest packing some sandwiches and a few drinks so you can enjoy the comfort of one of our pontoons, while enjoying a nice picnic on the water. And hey, if you got a little crust leftover from your sandwich, just toss it in the water. You never know what's gonna jump up and bite it!

Dock up at Lake Norman’s best eateries

Known for its wide-array of freshwater cuisine and craft beer, there’s an endless supply to Lake Norman’s well-known eateries and breweries. You’ll want to be sure to dock-up at Lake Norman’s finest restaurant, Hello, Sailor, which focuses on only high-quality, local ingredients after a long day on the water. And if you’re taste buds are quenched and your getting thirsty, don’t miss The Cabin, a well-known local brewery where you can find live music and some of the region’s best craft beer on just about any evening. And the best part is, they can both be reached with a Lake Norman boat rental, so there’s no need to hit the shore before embarking on your Lake Norman culinary journey.

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