Types of boats for lakes

Types of Boats for Lakes

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July 22, 2021

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Boats come in all shapes and sizes. There are big ones, small ones for niche hobbies, and others for every affair. In fact, without the right guidance, it is very easy to land yourself in a pickle when choosing the ideal boat to suit your needs. If you have ever wondered what types of boats are suitable for lakes, then look no further.

Deck boats

Deck boats for lakes

Deck boats are perfect if you seek a great deck area but still want that elegance of a V-shaped hull. Typically made of aluminum or fiberglass, deck boats can cater to a range of needs, be it a great family outing or a day’s fishing – you name it, a deck boat can provide it.

Capable of carrying up to 14 passengers and usually no more than 28′ long, most deck boats can be placed on a trailer, meaning that distance is no longer an obstacle.

Deck boats were once a rarity in the boating market. But now, they are finally getting the attention they deserve. Indeed, these days the number of brands and models of deck boats is awe-inspiring. Yet, one of the most captivating deck boats out there is the Stingray 212SC Deck Boat. Priced up to $44,930, the Stingray 212SC was designed for social boaters. It has a plethora of amenities to treat your guests in style. These include a four-speaker Bluetooth stereo system, freshwater faucet, and sink, as well as an enclosed changing room. Now all you need to do is work out who to invite.

For those with a tighter budget, do not worry. The Starcraft Marine Limited IO 2000 is there for you! At an absolute steal of $27,000 the vessel has a fiberglass boat hull which, although only 20′ long, packs a serious punch on the water. Let’s not beat around the bush; it features a mighty 220 HP V6 Mercruiser engine that has a whole lot of zip.

Pontoon boats

pontoon buyers guide

Like deck boats, pontoon boats boast spacious decks that can be used for all manner of things. From cruising to partying, water sports to fishing (or all four at once), a pontoon boat is well suited to them all. Pontoon boats differ because they have a wide square-shaped deck and are mostly used for slow cruising. However, today, this distinction is becoming more and more blurred. Now a pontoon can be rigged with enough power to tear up the water at speeds of 40 MPH.

Very stable in the water and easy to maneuver, pontoon boats are safe enough for your family. They offer lots of interior space and comfort, so that your loved ones can have a day to remember – without any hassles. Spacious enough for 15 passengers and coming in sizes of 16 – 30′, there is a pontoon boat for everyone out there.

Are you looking for a pontoon that is simple, practical, and affordable? Of course! Who isn’t? Available in three distinctive colors, the Princecraft Vectra 21 RL is nothing short of regal. The sundeck is quite spacious and will satisfy even the most discerning of sun worshippers. Plus, the vessel has a durable stainless-steel boating ladder for easy, convenient access and a ski tow bar.

The Princecraft Vectra 21 RL interior enjoys ample storage space for rods and water toys, alongside a large table room, rotocast furniture bases, easy-to-clean upholstery, and a Bimini top for all-day comfort.

Want to splash out on something more exuberant? Then check out the Hampton 2680 DC. It is worth every cent.

With a beam of 8′ and an overall length of 26′, the Hampton 2680 DC performs like a dream. Built of premium fiberglass, this wonder is capable of mastering both fresh and saltwater environments. At the helm station, there are Yamaha gauges as standard and an industry-leading Simrad display. This is complemented by ample room for your stereo and a sporty title steering wheel that feels as good as it looks. Indeed, its Yamaha V8 350 HP engine can deliver speeds of over 50 MPH. This truly is something for a pontoon boat.

Alongside this fabulous performance, the Hampton 2680 DC has a splendid interior with luxurious seating arrangements. With room for up to 12 passengers, all the family can come along – grandma and all!

If you have never been on a pontoon boat before, why not sample one with Boatsetter’s peer-to-peer boat rental service.

Fishing boats

best fresh water fishing boats

Fishing boats are best suited to – yes, you guessed it – catching fish. Versatile and practical, a good fishing boat will never leave you in need. Picked right, they will offer you and your pals the chance to have a whale of a time. (But hopefully, leave the whales in the water).

Often the cheapest type of boat, a small freshwater fishing boat will typically set you back $5,000. They are immediately recognizable with their V-shaped hull and high sides. Make sure you look at the number of seats, livewell, trolling motor and other supportable accessories before making your purchase. There is a lot of variation out there!

Across the last decade, there have been an impressive array of releases in this category of boating. Nowadays, you really are spoiled for choice.

Rolled out in 2010, the Boston Whaler 370 Outrage is the critic’s favorite. Few boats out there come close to this Swiss army knife of the boating world. Capable of handling as much as 1,050 HP – yes, you read that right – the award-winning vessel has an array of dazzling innovations. There is an electrically adjustable captain’s seat, a roomy storage area for stowing away your favorite toys, and a forward-facing double lounger.

Released over 15 years ago, the Carolina Skiff 218DLV remains one of Carolina Skiffs best-selling models even to this day. In fact, the boatbuilder has consistently ranked as one of the most popular boat brands in the United States of America. Little wonder. This beauty has an outboard motor that can deliver speeds up to 150 HP and has a robust, all-composite construction, with heavy-duty stainless-steel hardware. This. Is. Fishing. Unbarred.

Other popular types of fishing boats that are great for lakes include bass boats and flat boats.



Ski and Wakeboard boats

Wakeboard boats for lakes

Exhilarating. Exciting. Excellent. These are just some of the qualities required of great ski and wakeboard boats. To facilitate water sports, they need powerful engines and agile design. This is why water sports boats are more of the most expansive segments of the marine industry.

For more information on how to plan the ultimate water sports day out read this informative blog post.

The world-class MasterCraft started life as a ski boat builder. Little wonder it builds some of the best ski boats on the market. At the head of their already flawless range is the MasterCraft ProStar. This is a tournament-ready vessel that consistently tops the leader boards. Just shy of $100,000, this boat is worth every cent. Built-in Sacramento, California, the MasterCraft ProStar measures in at 20′ with a 9.6′ frame. Able to comfortably seat 7 people, the Prostar is one of the highest-performing inboard ski boat ever created.

How about something more opulent … Here is the Malibu M235. If price is no object, then this boat is what you are after. More than any other top-of-the-line ski and wakeboard boat, it comes fully equipped with revolutionary innovations, such as an integrated Surf platform, patented Power Wedge II and the excellent Surf Gate. 23.42′ in length, the Malibu M235 can churn out 575 foot-pounds of torque while boasting an extra-deep walk-through cabin that offers seating for up to 17 persons.

This is the zenith in Malibu design, technology, creativity, and luxury.

Cabin Cruisers.

cabin cruisers for lakes

Everyone needs a cabin. While on the water, they offer every comfort imaginable. Some are so good that you might not even want to return to dry land. Starting from around $30,000, the price of a cabin cruiser increases in line with its features. More money. More luxury. Simple.

Yet even a smaller cabin cruiser is a delight. They can provide the flexibility to visit new ports, spend long weekends enjoying the boating lifestyle, or just kicking back with a drink. A cabin cruiser is a great choice for all.

The Grand Banks Eastbay 44 is a real head-turner, its impeccable craftsmanship, unrivaled performance, and outstanding amenities will mean that inviting your friends aboard is a real pleasure. Featuring a cozy cockpit, seating, and dining area with large panoramic windows.

There are many admirable qualities of this 48′ long, 14′ wide beauty. Some that spring immediately to mind are its reliable performance in rough waters, spaciousness, comfort, and optimum design for longer voyages.

Carefully balancing tradition, style, luxury and speed, the EastBay 44 is enhanced with the latest marine technology. It is quite literally the best of all worlds – past and present.

And don’t forget the Back Cove 340, another sensational cabin cruiser. This award-winning titian is powered by a pair of Yamaha 300s, with optional 350 HP customization. It offers cruise and maximum speeds approximately 10 knots faster than more traditional cabin cruisers while maintaining a delicate fuel efficiency on the purse strings.

When night falls, the cockpit is meant for entertaining with ample space for socializing and entertaining. Its 5kw diesel generator and cabin A/C, coupled with the spacious head and shower, ensure that every cruise will be a cruise in comfort.


best sailboats for lakes

Of course, how could we forget – sailing boats. Lacking a motor, sailing boats harness mother nature to thrill and amaze in equal measure. Basic models start from $10,000, while larger ones may cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. In this market, there is a lot of room for maneuverability.

Ideal for beginners, more people have learned how to sail aboard a Sunfish than any other type of boat. It has a simple 14′ hull that can comfortably seat one or two people. The boat’s bottom is flat and easy to maneuver and has a single sail, which one person can manage alone with the rudder and centerboard. Few names are as iconic as Sunfish.

The Sunfish is built to last and will provide years upon years of worry-free enjoyment with minimal maintenance required. The classic version includes Sunfish practice sail, sail rings, gooseneck, mainsheet block, mahogany rudder, and daggerboard-all for the total of $4,356.

Another popular 14-foot, single-sail vessel design to hold you and a buddy is the Laser Standard. They are known to be faster and more agile than Sunfish, especially when sailed alone. Indeed, there is even a laser racing class in the Summer Olympics.

Designed by Bruce Kirby and Ian Bruce, the Laser Standard weighs in at 58.97 kilos, making it a feather on the waves. The Laser Standard rules the waves for a reason. It encapsulates simplicity and performance.

Unsurprisingly, it has sold over 200,000 editions worldwide, making it one of the most popular boats in history.

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