Lake Powell, A Boater’s Dream Destination

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Lake Powell, Arizona & Utah 

Nestled in between Arizona and Utah on the Colorado River lies the beautiful reservoir Lake Powell. A major vacation spot that is visited by more than two million people each year, this reservoir is known for being the second largest man-made lake in the United States after Lake Mead. So whether you’re looking to cruise down the Colorado River or go fishing with family and friends, with a lake this big, there’s room for every visitor to find their own piece of paradise in the sun. With some of the best fishing opportunities in the entire state and plenty of natural areas, there’s no better place for a boat rental in Lake Powell than this spectacular destination.

Rent a Mastercraft speedboat and enjoy some water skiing

With one of our several Mastercraft speedboats in the area, you can make the most of your Lake Powell Adventure in style. Fitted with some seriously strong horsepower and room for the whole family, these speedboats are built to perform at top speeds. You can sit back and let the wind brush back your hair while you admire all of the natural rock formations or jump ship and get in on some water skiing action. With your Lake Powell boat rental, you can explore this massive reservoir all the way from Arizona to Utah and can even cross state lines by water!

Head out to the beautiful Mountain Sheep Canyon

The famous Mountain Sheep Canyon isn’t just for hikers and land dwellers. It’s also accessible with your Lake Powell boat rental! Keep in mind, it’s best to come in the early morning or afternoon to beat that crowds and get better visibility. Because of its shallow waters, Mountain Sheep Canyon is also an ideal place for fishing. So whether you’re looking to sit back and enjoy the natural rock formations from the boat or a serious angler looking to reel in some striped bass, there’s little you can’t experience in this beautiful canyon with the right boat rental.

Cruise on over the Rainbow Bridge for a sight to behold

Known for being one of the most accessible major arches in the world, Rainbow Bridge can be reached within two hours with your Lake Powell boat rental. Located in the southern Utah area of the lake, at 240 feet tall, this magnificent arch is truly a natural work of art. The natural rock formation is also surrounded by a beautiful canyon so you can sit back and revel in the natural beauty that surrounds you while sipping back on a cold drink under that hot southwestern sun.

Dock up for some of Arizona’s finest cuisine

After a long day on the water, fishing and enjoying some of the regions most famous natural landmarks, you should be getting pretty hungry. Lucky for you, there’s plenty of great eateries along Lake Powell where you can dock up your Lake Powell boat rental and enjoy some of the region’s best cuisine. You won’t want to miss The Point, a great local restaurant where you can eat and drink cocktails right on the dock.

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