15 Things To Bring On Your Next Boat Trip

15 Things To Bring On Your Next Boat Trip

Written by Boatsetter Team
September 17, 2021

Last Updated on September 29, 2023 by Boatsetter Team

The Must-Have Guide of Necessities on Your Boat Trip

Are you planning to rent a boat for summer vacation and sail into the sunset? That sounds like a great and exotic idea. There is nothing like the stars above a boat in the open sea. So if you have a destination in mind and your crew, you are almost all set. All that is left is reading a guide about the 15 things to bring on your next boat day, and your sailing escapades can start. We have separated those necessities into three groups but feel free to add everything else you might find necessary for the ultimate comfort on your trip.

First Things First, the Legalities

If this is your first sail, you should be aware of all those boring but mandatory legalities you are required to have onboard by law. You might run into problems if you don’t fulfill all the legislation, and that might even put an end to your dreamy summer vacation. Keep in mind that you should research the legislation for your intended destination; just in case it is any different, the key is to be prepared.

  1. Don’t Forget IDs and Documents

You will need a current boat registration and a license for operating the boat. More or less, it’s as if you were driving a car. If you don’t have a license to operate the boat, you can always hire a captain.

  1. Boating Safety Equipment

Safety equipment is also required by law, and it includes fire extinguishers, horns, flares, and other boating safety equipment that must be on board.

  1. A Fishing License

If you are planning on adding angling into the mix as a fun activity, you will need a fishing license in most countries and states.

  1. The Most Important Vest you Can Wear

Life jackets are a huge requirement, and they are mandatory for each person that’s on the boat. Never set out on a boating trip without them.

  1. Boating Equipment and Electronics

Safety inspections require full boat navigation and electronics equipment to be on board and operational. Some of these items are nautical charts, GPS devices, and cell phones. Also, you should always check to see if your radio is working for boating safety reasons, overall communication, and sending a distress signal if you need it.

You have to have all of the above in order when you are stopped for the inspection by the Coast Guard, marine patrols, or vessel safety inspectors. After all, all those rigorous rules are there under the presumption that it is better to be safe than sorry.

Health, Safety and Overall Comfort

After you checked out the legislative safety rules and items you must have, there are a few safety accessories that are not mandatory but are very welcomed onboard.

  1. Bring a First Aid Kit

Go through your boating first aid kit and revise what’s in there. While the bandages, gauze, and antiseptic cream should already be there, you can add a few more things like motion sickness medication, especially if someone is traveling by boat for the first time. Add some antihistamine medicine for allergies, decongestants, and pain medication. You should always have something for a fever. Don’t forget to bring your medication if you have it prescribed by the doctor. It is very important to check if you need any vaccines for the area you are traveling to. Insect repellent is also a big must-have on board.

  1. Protect Yourself from the Sun

Other safety items may be obvious, but since this can serve as your guide for safe sailing, let’s not forget sunscreen, chapstick, and sunglasses. You can protect your head with a stylish hat. It can get very hot, and you could be exposed to much more UV rays than usual, so you have to think about protecting your skin and head from those harmful rays.

  1. Wear Comfortable Shoes

Non-slippery shoes and slippers are a literal lifesaver when you are on your boat rental. You can never be too careful when you are miles away from the shore, and with boats, there are always slippery surfaces, of course.

  1. A Dry Bag for The Most Important Stuff

You are on a boat, and things are bound to get wet. You should secure all your documents and important papers in a dry bag. For everything else that might get wet, you should double the amount you intended to bring, which means extra towels, clothing, and shoes.

  1. Don’t Forget to Bring a Jacket

Even though it is summer and it is hot, you should prepare some warm clothes in case of sudden storms and cold weather. Bring along some warm sweaters, jackets, and blankets and even some warmer shoes and pants.

Things to Bring on a Boat Party

22 Best Boat Songs- The Ultimate Boating Party Playlist

After carefully packing all the important and necessary items you should bring on a boat, we have finally come to the part of what past-time accessories you should bring with you. Your vacation should be an unforgettable one, but at times you can be days away from the nearest shore and you should have all the things you can’t imagine bringing on your vacation without you. It’s not like you’ll be able to run to the nearest store in the middle of the ocean.

  1. Bring Your Camera

Bring your camera, GoPro, or binoculars. A waterproof camera is a must on this kind of vacation. There will be tons of opportunities to capture beautiful sunsets, sea life, and picture-perfect coasts. You should always have a camera on hand. You would want to bring many pictures back from your trip and share the experience with your loved ones, maybe even brag about it a bit; why not?

  1. Prepare a Music Playlist

What is sailing on a yacht rental without your favorite music? Don’t forget to load your radios and iPhones with you. We are sure that you’ll want to experience this vacation to the fullest, so experience it with your favorite tunes.

  1. Bring Along Chargers

Since you are bringing a lot of electronics with you, don’t forget the chargers and power banks, because you wouldn’t want to find yourself without “juice” in the middle of the ocean. Also, depending on where you will be boating, it’s best to bring power plug adapters and check beforehand which ones you will need.

  1. Snacking and Drinking

Bringing food and water goes without saying. Don’t forget to insulate it properly in portable coolers if the in-cabin refrigerator is not an option. It is a good tip to plan your meals ahead. Plan what you will be cooking and make a grocery list with the amounts that will cover the number of people on board. It is never a bad idea to bring a little bit extra but not so much that it will get spoiled. Also, you’ll want to bring enough snacks and soft drinks. The nights on the boat are usually when you sit together and have long talks, play board games, and chill, and non-perishable snacks best accompany those.

  1. It’s All Fun and Games

Bring all the accessories for eventual water sports and family game nights. For water sports, don’t forget snorkeling masks and wakeboards, along with your favorite water sports equipment. For the game nights, bring lots of board games and cards. A boat vacation is a perfect occasion for some family bonding. Nights aboard your boat rental can be as interesting as you want them to be.

Not everyone is the same, and we are sure that you will find lots of stuff that you can’t live without, but these are some essential boating accessories you shouldn’t forget when packing for your summer boating vacation. And the most important thing, don’t forget your adventurous spirit!


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