5 New Tech Toys That Will Upgrade Your Boat

Who says that boats and tech can’t be best friends? We live in an increasingly gadget-ized world, and that includes some really interesting innovations designed specifically for use aboard boats. Chances are good you’ve got your own fish finder and GPS, so we’re going to go a bit of a different route with these suggestions.

1. Mobile Printer

What happens if you need to print something off while you’re on the boat? You have to dock, head into town, find a printing company…it’s a huge ordeal. A mobile wireless printer makes all that go away. Canon makes an excellent option, but there are other models on the market. They’re all super compact, taking up about as much space as a hardback book, and you can print from anywhere using nothing more than your smartphone or tablet.

2. Solar Generator

You’ve heard about solar chargers for phones and the like? Well, Yeti has introduced the next generation – a solar generator. You’ll need to pair a solar panel with it, but they’re pretty cheap and widely available today. The Yeti solar charger offers 400Wh, 33Ah, and comes with two A/C plugs to fit your standard devices. Portables aren’t left out – there are two USB plugs, and even a 9v plug if you need it. It weighs in at 29 lbs. and can charge a laptop roughly five times on a single charge. Don’t want the Yeti brand? PulseTech offers a similar option with a built-in solar panel.

3. Overboard Tracker

No matter how safe you are, or how calm the seas might be, going overboard is always a possibility. While there’s no replacement for vigilance, there is help at hand. Sea-tags manufactures a man overboard wristband that fits like a watch and provides GPS locating for anyone who’s been lost in the drink.

4. Fingerprint Padlocks

Need a way to secure your locker aboard the boat? Want to really ensure the security of your boat? The Tapplock is the answer. It looks like a traditional padlock, but there’s a difference – no keyhole or combination. This padlock only opens if the right fingerprint is identified on the center sensor. Now you can secure whatever you like and never need to worry about losing the key or forgetting your combination.

5. Reefboard

Have someone aboard who wants to enjoy the beauty of the water without actually going too far into it? The Reefboard is an interesting gadget that allows you to peer into the depths below and enjoys the beauty of reefs and open seas without having to don a facemask. The 14.5-inch VuScreen is perfect for seeing below the water, and there’s also a cargo net where you can store your gadgets. Note that the Reefboard can hold up to 250 lbs., and comes in three different flavors. There you have them – five of the more interesting gadgets to upgrade your boating experience this year. Of course, there are numerous others out there, from super advanced portable batteries to wireless radar systems, and boating-specific drones.


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