5 Ways Sharing Your Boat Will Improve Your Boat Ownership Experience

1) Charter your boat on the way back to Florida – It’s already midsummer and boat owners are making plans for their boat’s winter location. Your boat may be spending the glorious summer months in Newport, Annapolis, the Hamptons or Nantucket but you know the sun will set and the boat will soon be Florida-bound. Boat owners who make this yearly southward migration at the end of summer (and the reverse at the beginning of summer) know it can be costly and time consuming. Here’s a solution: Share your boat for charter along the way…with a bit of logistical coordination, you can not only offset the costs of transporting your boat but stake out key ports of call for your summer boating adventures. 2) No time to travel the Great Loop? Just do (part of) it - The Great Loop is the circumnavigation of the northeastern part of North America by boat and has become ultra popular among boat owners seeking new adventures and new ports of call to visit by boat. The trip, depending on the exact route, can span 5,000 to 7,000 miles and can take over a year to complete. So, who wouldn’t want to take a year or two off and see all the stunning ports of the Great Loop? Imagine starting on the east coast of Florida at Stuart then heading north on the Intracoastal Waterway along the coasts of Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina. Chesapeake Bay upward to on the Potomac to Washington. The spots along the way are quaint slices of Americana and a boater’s paradise! But, realistically, who has time for all that? Sharing your boat with charterers in those areas of the world as you move along and hand selecting the ports you want to see (and have time to visit) can be a creative way to experience the Great Loop or at least part of it! 3) Upgrades aren’t free - We’ve all heard the saying about boat ownership. The best two days are the day you buy it and the day you sell it. It doesn’t have to be that way! Yes, the costs of ownership are steep and may be trending steeper, but there’s a way to offset some of those costs and even add upgrades to your boat along the way. Sharing your boat is typically free and with reputable companies, you’ll find that insurance is included, captains can be required and all control of the calendar lies in your hands…making earning a few extra dollars from sharing (chartering) your boat a great option to pay for some of the dockage fees, maintenance costs and needed upgrades. 4) Keep it show-ready & boating ready! - Ready to sell your boat? As you most likely know, it does not happen overnight! Keeping your boat ready to show to potential buyers can become a full time job. Imagine this scenario: your boat has been sitting still (in water) for 45 days straight and you get a very interested buyer inquiry. He wants to view the boat today; maybe even take it out for a spin… You arrive at the boat’s location and things aren’t exactly the way you left them. Even a minor issue can cause the boat not to start and your buyer may slip right through your finger tips!  The best way to keep a boat in good working order is to use it. Salt water and corrosive elements are harsh but with proper exercise, your boat will stay in better shape and ready for that buyer who has a keen interest in your for-sale boat. 5) The counter-intuitive nature of boat depreciation - The more hours of use on your boat the better it will hold its value? Wait, what? That seems counter-intuitive but it’s true. The fact is if you have a boat that’s, say, seven years old and it has especially low hours…this is an indicator that it’s been sitting idle and inheriting the problems that are associated with a boat sitting idle (See #4 on this list for scenarios that might cause nightmares). Using a sharing platform to share your boat will keep it exercised for better working order as well as help it to retain its value. A savvy shopper knows – a boat that’s barely been used probably has been building up some serious problems. As our lives get busy and the time we can spend boating shrinks, boat ownership can get complicated and even more expensive. But, it doesn’t have to. With the option of sharing your boat through networks like Boatsetter, boat owners can confidently list their boats for charter, control the location and frequency of the charter as well as require a captain to accompany the charter guests. With the income stream generated from “sharing” otherwise known as boat charters, the ownership experience becomes more affordable and less stressful.


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