6 Ways Boating Benefits our Health

So, this is not a reason to get your wife’s permission to spend yet another weekend fishing with the guys or the perfect excuse to tell your boss you have the flu while you go snorkeling..err, well maybe those ideas are not too bad, considering the health benefits that are associated with boating! We have to look out for our own good health, don’t we? Check out this list of reasons boating is great for your health. Us, boaters, we already knew.

  1. Vitamin D & Fresh Air – Sunshine provides Vitamin D that promotes healthy bones and is medically proven to improve mood. However, so many of us spend the bulk of our days in the office, in the commute and in the rat race, that fresh air and the healthful aspects of sunshine truly become a rare commodity. Yes, of course, bring your sunscreen, sunburn should be avoided…but there’s a lot to be said for soaking up a few rays.
  2.  Unplug! Everything can wait; it really can! – In this digital age, it seems we can’t (or won’t) make a move without “checking in,” snapping a selfie, sending a text and staying in touch with the inbox. Chronic health problems such as stress, insomnia and depression have been linked to our lack of ability to power down. When you head out for your boat trip, it’s the perfect excuse to unplug even if it’s just for a few hours. Your doctor will no doubt agree. Now, repeat after me: “Sorry I missed your call. I was out on a boat charter all day!”
  3.  Quality Time with Family/Friends – One of the biggest factors contributing to your happiness in life and your overall well being relates to your social life. In fact, medical studies link strong social ties to longevity, healthier eating habits, less stress and much more. When you step off the dock slip out of your shoes and head out on a boat charter with your nearest and dearest, you just got happier. The time spent catching up while out on a boating adventure will surely generate some serious bonding.
  4.  Staying Active – It’s no secret that staying active is a serious contributor to good health. Unlike watching TV or playing video games, taking up boating as a hobby can help you lead an active and healthy lifestyle. From sailing excursions to swimming, snorkeling and waterskiing, boating is definitely a leisure activity that will keep you active.
  5.  Connect with Nature – Studies show that connecting with the great outdoors is another contributor to overall good health. Boaters can attest that there is no shortage of outdoor fun onboard a boat, whether feeling the invigorating wind catch the sail or hopping waves at full speed out on the blue ocean.
  6.  Feeding your passion – Having a passion contributes to your overall happiness which correlates to good health. Boating is that passion for many. Spending time out on the ocean fishing, snorkeling and watching sunsets quickly becomes a passion.

Now more than ever, boating is an option for everyone with the entrance of “boat sharing” in the marketplace. This new online option from companies like Boatsetter allow boaters with all levels of experience (including none at all) to easily book a charter that includes a captain and add a healthful and fun activity to their lives.

Looking for something to do this weekend? Go boating…it’s good for you!


15 responses to “6 Ways Boating Benefits our Health”

  1. I think you were right when you said that since boating was an activity that requires constant moving, it’s a good hobby that can lead to an active and healthy lifestyle. That’s great then! My mom has been telling me that I need to go out more because I’ve been staying at the house for too long, I completely forgot how to live. Since I love the sea and we live near it, I think boating will be the perfect hobby for me. I’ll talk to my mom about it. Thank you!

  2. Thanks Kylie! Boating would be the perfect opportunity for some quality family time. We hope you get to experience that with Boatsetter!

  3. Avatar Kit Hannigan says:

    I really liked how you talked about how people can power down and unplug during boat trips. My wife and I have been too busy with our careers that we have slowly begun to miss the most important things in life. I really think renting a double-decker boat for a nice cruise next year will really give us that hard reset we need in our lives.

  4. […] thing to keep in mind is that this is a much healthier way of travelling comparatively as well. Think about the different modes of travel and transport available to you […]

  5. Avatar Mark Murphy says:

    I really appreciate your tip on how boating can lead to activities that promote a healthy lifestyle. My wife and I have been thinking of getting a boat since our new house is right next to a lake. I will be sure to tell my wife that it would give us a good excuse to be more active!

  6. I appreciate how you mentioned that owning a boat is beneficial because it allows you to get some fresh air and Vitamin D that is so necessary for bone health and improved mood. My husband and I just moved to an area with a warmer climate, and we’re thinking about buying a boat to be able to soak up some sun. If we do really decide to buy a boat, we’ll have to find a boatyard service that can provide the quality boat storage we need so our boat can be protected for when we need to use it to get some fresh air.

  7. That is a good point that I would get some fresh air. Maybe I should rent a boat sometime. Then we can get into the sun and breathe fresh air.

  8. I like how you mentioned that boating allows you to connect with nature, which studies show is a contributor to benefiting overall health. My family has been wanting to go boating, but I haven’t been sure if that’s something I would want to do. After learning about all the many benefits of going boating, I will definitely consider going with my family.

  9. I liked that you mentioned that on top of the element of fun in renting a boat, doing so will promote exposure to vitamin D and healthy bones. I have thought about taking a summer trip on the water and am interested in all of the benefits that this would offer. I had not realized that this would promote good health and will definitely be researching more regarding boat rentals to consider this option further.

  10. I never knew strong social ties could affect longevity, eating habits, and stress levels! I can definitely see why this would be the case, though. My husband and I love to go fishing with our neighbors, and we can definitely feel our stress levels decrease as soon as we get to the lake. We’ve been considering buying a boat to aid in our fishing ventures, so hopefully we can find a good one to buy so we can continue strengthening our social ties through fishing!

  11. It would be nice to have quality time with friends. Maybe it would be good to find somewhere to buy a boat. Then I could spend time with my friends.

  12. Staying active seems like a good idea. Maybe it would be good to find a boat dealer. Then I could buy a boat to stay active on.

  13. Avatar Zoe Campos says:

    Thank you for making me realize how good it really is to own a boat and use it for recreational purposes. My husband had always asked me if we could purchase a boat since we live near a body of water but I never said yes. Since you said that being on a boat and relaxing in it even just for a few hours can help with chronic health problems such as stress, insomnia, and depression, it might be a good idea for me since I’ve been having a hard time sleeping. I hope the boat we’ll purchase will have a good boat motor engine flush system.

  14. My dad is planning to buy a Pontoon boat for leisure, which is why he would like to have a dock constructed as well. I agree with you that boating adventure is a great time to bond with friends and family. You’re also right that sailing will keep my father active and healthy.

  15. Avatar Gloria Ramos - Masters Boating School says:

    Thank you for your information. We are a boating safety course provider in Puerto Rico and Florida. Currently, we’ve been on “no boating lockdown” due to the COVID-19 matter and by the Governor’s executive order. I will say that the boating community has really been affected along with all marine/boating related businesses here in PR. We are currently working on a proposal in hopes that being allowed to navigate is once again allowed. Wish us luck…

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