7 Things To Do in Miami on a Budget

Things might be cooling down in the rest of the country this December, but not in Miami: think about taking your winter vacation south this December and warm up in the Sunshine State. “Party in the city where the heat is on. All night, on the beach till the break of dawn.” No words better encapsulate the vibrancy of Miami better than Will Smith’s 1997 smash hit, “Miami.” The city has something for everyone and you are looking for some incredible activities to do without breaking your budget, then check out this great guide on the best affordable things to do in Miami!

1) The Beach

Who doesn’t go to the beach in Miami? That’s where all the action is. Best of all, it’s free. There are many great choices so see what’s best for you. The 21 st -45 th street beach is great if you are looking for a lot of activity along with shopping and restaurants. Haulover Beach is a better option if you want something chiller.

2) Art Deco Tour

Miami is home to one of the largest remaining collection of art deco building left in the world. They are what give the city its unique style. The tour starts at $25 and is great way to discover some cool neighborhoods and restaurants that you wouldn’t normally be able to find.

3) Lummus Park

Both beach and park, Lummus is everything that we associate with Miami. It is where you can see celebrities and supermodels sunbathe and it is home to all kinds of activities from beach volleyball to bicycle rentals. Best of all, the park is open quite late until 12 am.

4) Vizcaya Museum and Garden

There is a reason why this place is home to so many celebrations, it is simply stunning. A trip to Vizcaya is like taking a time machine into the past and has an incredible collection of art work and gives you a great sense of how long Miami’s history really is.

5) Little Havana

Miami is home to a huge Cuban population and a trip down to Little Havana is nearly as good as flying down to Cuba. Sample some incredible food and be immersed in a unique culture. There are so many festivals and events there that you are likely to run into one no matter when you go.

6) Key Biscayne

Miami can be a little be hectic so it can be nice to take a break to some of the nicest beaches in the area. What it may lack in restaurants in nightlife, it makes up for in tranquility and relaxation. It has barbecue pits along the beach and is located alongside Bill Baggs State Park which has an incredible lighthouse.

7) Charter a Boat

Miami is water city and you can a totally different experience when you see it from the sea. A boat is a great way to cruise around the city and really get the lay of the land. There are many great companies where you can rent a boat for a day or a week and get some seriously good deals.

So Many Great Opportunities

Miami is an incredible city that has an amazing amount of things to offer. This list is just the beginning and as you spend more time there, you will discover your own secret gems. Next time you have some time off, be sure to check out some of these fantastic places. While you're in Miami, be sure to charter a boat and head down to the wonderful Florida Keys.


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