How to Use Add-ons

Written by Boatsetter Team
September 28, 2022

Last Updated on November 22, 2023 by Boatsetter Team

Give your renters a personalized experience and make your listing more attractive to customers by giving them Add-ons options along with their rental. 

This feature allows boat owners to apply Add-ons to their rentals. This enhancement will make boating special for boat owners and renters alike. This post will give you an overview of the Add-on’s feature: 

  • What are Add-ons
  • Why consider applying Add-ons to your listing
  • Where to find support for your Add-ons  

Visit your Owner Dashboard to begin using Add-ons

What is an Add-on?

Add-ons are any trip essentials renters may want in addition to renting your boat! These choices come from a pre-made list by Boatsetter, this list includes but is not limited to Ice, Photography, Snorkeling gear, etc. 

Boatsetter gives owners the opportunity to make a more appealing offer to renters, Add-ons are provided by owners. Renters will be able to choose from your Add-ons at checkout for an additional cost. 

You can create or delete Add-ons whenever you’d like by navigating your boat listing. Adding these amenities to your rental is completely optional. It does not affect your search score.


Addons Kayaks

Why consider applying Add-ons to your listing?

One big plus to applying Add-ons is that it can help you attract more renters and in turn boost your earnings. Other benefits to using Add-ons are positive reviews which also makes your listing more attractive. 

Addons 3

Visit your Owner Dashboard to begin using Add-ons

Want more help with setting up your Add-on’s list? 

In this support article, we provide boat owners with screen by screen help. In the Add-on support article ( we go over: 

  • How to create an Add-on 
  • How to delete an Add-on
  • How to use Add-ons 

addons 2 Addons 4


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