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Get underway with Boatsetter, see first ever freshwater America’s Cup

Written by Boatsetter Team
December 26, 2017

Last Updated on January 14, 2022 by Boatsetter Team

America’s Cup Boat Rentals Offer the Best View of the Races!

Chicagoans, tourists and fans of boating attending this year’s America’s Cup in Chicago from June 10-12 are now able take in the historic event on a boat with Boatsetter, a company providing the best option for a safe and legal boat-sharing experience connecting renters with boat owners and Coast Guard licensed captains. America’s Cup boat rentals are the very best way to take in the racing scene.

Race enthusiasts now have a new way to enjoy the festivities of America’s Cup in style, with a great water view of Lake Michigan and jump in to a whole new experience. Many VIP’s will be on the well-known Navy Pier to take part in the weekend’s events, but those who want the best seats in the house could gather up a group of friends, find a boat to share with Boatsetter and head out to the designated spectator boating areas.

Boat-sharing is a growing industry, providing a way for boat owners to monetize their prized possessions and non-boat owners to enjoy events such a large event on the water and America’s Cup boat rentals are a truly memorable way to see this event that promises to be epic!

“This is a historic event, to see such a world-class event taking place in a freshwater location where boating is very important to all its residents,” said Pablo Vidal, chief marketing officer of, which combines the rental mechanics of Airbnb with the on-demand labor dynamics of Uber. “Boatsetter is a growing part of the marine and boating industry in Chicago and looks forward to connecting people with our boat owners and Coast Guard licensed captains for this year’s event.”

Hotels may be an issue for the historic event, and Boatsetter boats provide an option for those who need a place to stay at the end of the day. If travelers are looking for something out of the ordinary while visiting Chicago for America’s Cup, forget the high priced hotel rooms and consider staying on the 40-foot Carver Supersport with up to 10 friends. The 40-foot boat, Sweet Emotion, has two state rooms and a convertible couch providing sleeping quarters for a group of friends or family on the water.

Before getting underway, Boatsetter recommends for all boaters to file a float plan with a family member or friend, have all of the proper and required safety equipment, wear their life jackets and never operate a vessel under the influence of alcohol or another substance.

“Boatsetter has pioneered and secured the industry leading insurance policy for the peer-to-peer boating market and we are ahead of any competitor,” explained Vidal. “We have the best-in-class insurance which covers our customers, boats and captains.”

Boatsetter is an international peer-to-peer boat rental service, headquartered in Aventura, Florida. Currently, the company boasts the world’s largest network of U.S. Coast Guard licensed captains and has a fleet of over 4,000 boats worldwide. The Boatsetter mission is to provide a safe and fun boat rental, which includes world-class insurance, 24-hour free cancellations, access to our network of certified captains and worldwide fleet of privately-owned boats of all sizes and styles.

Book your boat for the America’s Cup today – guaranteed best seats in the Windy City!

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