Best Beaches in Cocoa Beach

Best Beaches in Cocoa Beach to Visit by Boat

Written by Boatsetter Team
April 1, 2022

Cocoa Beach is nestled along Florida’s Space Coast, offering many opportunities to enjoy local attractions, fabulous restaurants, and beautiful Atlantic beaches. Plus, Cocoa Beach is home to a world-famous pier and Ron Jon’s surf shop. 

Located only an hour from Orlando, this beach community is perfect for day trips to the theme park and a beach vacation. Cocoa Beach always has something to do, so this oceanside destination is famous for spring breakers, families, singles, and retirees

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Where is the Best Place to Swim at Cocoa Beach?

Cocoa Beach is home to 72 miles of Atlantic shoreline, best known for amazing waves and places for surfers to practice their moves. However, the best beach in the area is Sidney Fischer Park, offering an ideal setting for beachgoers to enjoy time swimming and the fantastic Florida weather. 

Amenities at Sidney Fischer Park include plenty of parking, picnic pavilions, restrooms, and showers. This beach is named after Sidney Fischer, former mayor of Cocoa Beach from 1956 to 1960.

Beaches in Cocoa Beach, Florida

Several beaches in Cocoa Beach, Florida, offer various amenities and something for everyone. Beachgoers will find places to build sandcastles, play Frisbee, read a book, sunbathe, surf, and picnic throughout the area. 

Playalinda Beach

Playalinda Beach

One of the most popular beaches is Canaveral National Seashore at Playalinda Beach. This beach is on a barrier island where you can explore the ocean, beach, dune, lagoon, salt marsh, pine flatbeds, and hammock. This is an undeveloped beach with no amenities, but it is the perfect place to explore and enjoy a primitive Florida beach experience.

Around the Cocoa Beach Pier

The beach near the Cocoa Beach Pier is famous for surfing and sunning, near the historical landmark. This beach is another busy beach, making it perfect for people-watching, meeting new friends, and getting a surfing lesson. The Cocoa Beach Pier has many restaurants and shops, allowing you to spend all day at the beach exploring, laughing, and having fun in the sun.

Alan Shepard Park

Named after astronaut Alan Shepard, Alan Shepard Park is located in the middle of the Cocoa Beach action and within walking distance of many shops and restaurants. In addition, this beach park has a picnic area and a bathhouse with restrooms.

Hightower Beach & Seagull Park

Hightower Beach Park and Seagull Park are two neighborhood parks offering unique beach access and experiences. Hightower Beach Park is a quiet surfing and fishing beach nestled on SR 404-Pineda Causeway. 

Seagull Park

Seagull Park is a small two-acre park with native plants perfect for surf fishing and sunbathing. Seagull Park also has sheltered picnic areas, restrooms, and showers.

Jetty Park

If you are looking for a place to take a break from your boating adventures and camp overnight, the Jetty Park at Port Canaveral offers three acres of sandy beach with picnic areas, campsites, showers, and restrooms. In addition, this park is home to Malcolm E. McLouth Fishing Pier, perfect for practicing your fishing skills.

Other beaches in the Cocoa Beach area include Cherie Down Park, Canova Beach Park, Howard E. Futch Memorial Park, Lori Wilson Park, and Robert P. Murkshe Memorial Park.

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How Warm is the Water at Cocoa Beach?

The waters off of Cocoa Beach range from warm to hot throughout the year, offering warm year-round swimming conditions. Average water temperatures throughout the year range between 77°F and 86°F. Surface water temperatures are affected by weather conditions. For example, the surface water temperature can drop several degrees after a rainstorm. Additionally, water temperatures have been known to drop significantly after a hurricane passes through.

Are There Sharks in Cocoa Beach?

Though it happens, it is not a common occurrence, but some beaches in Cocoa Beach get closed due to the presence of sharks. It is more common for sharks to be in nearby waters during the summer months, from late May through early October.

 When there is a risk of sharks in the water, it is best to swim near a lifeguard and watch for flag warnings indicating if the beach is closed or if marine life is present. Additionally, watch for shark fins, fishing jumping out of the water, and seabirds hovering over the water’s surface. These signs could indicate a shark is nearby.

Sharks commonly found in Cocoa Beach waters include the Florida Bull Shark, Blacktip Sharks, Bonehead Sharks, and Spinner Sharks. Bull Sharks are the most frequently spotted sharks and account for most of the shark attacks in the Cocoa Beach area.

Cocoa Beach is the perfect place to explore when looking for amazing beaches, unique shops, and outstanding restaurants. The best way to make the most out of your time in Cocoa Beach is with a local Boatsetter boat rental. With Boatsetter, you can rent pontoons, fishing boats, catamarans, yachts, and many more boat types!

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