7 Best Beaches near Mobile, Alabama

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May 29, 2024

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Mobile, Alabama is a southern stronghold and coastal gem nestled along the Gulf of Mexico. This bay city’s unique blend of historical charm, vibrant culture, and thriving port make it an ideal destination for anyone seeking a taste of a southern sun-soaked adventure. 

Whether you’re planning your next vacation or are a local searching for new beaches to enjoy, look no further. Mobile offers a haven for anyone who loves quality time on the water. In this guide, we’ll unveil the seven best beaches near Mobile, Alabama, ensuring your day is nothing short of extraordinary! 

  1. Bienville Beach
  2. Dauphin Island Beach & East End Public Beach
  3. Fort Morgan Fishing Beach
  4. Gulf Shores Public Beach
  5. Hernando Beach
  6. Orange Street Pier Beach
  7. Pelican Peninsula 

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1. Bienville Beach

Nestled in the north corner of Pelican Cove on Dauphin Island, boaters can find tranquility and escape the hustle and bustle of the more crowded beaches near Mobile, Alabama. Bienville Beach is a picturesque destination, with white sands and calm waters. The quiet atmosphere makes this a great hangout for families. 

We recommend packing a picnic and making a day of your visit here, but if you didn’t pack a lunch, you can walk over to Pirate’s Bar and Grill for a laid-back atmosphere, southern fare, and seafood. Sit back, relax, and sip on a cocktail on the sun-kissed patio. 


2. Dauphin Island Beach & East End Public Beach

Dauphin Island Beach & East End Public Beach

Dauphin Island Beach and the pet-friendly East End Public Beach are well-known tourist attractions near Mobile, AL where you can enjoy breathtaking waterfront views, especially at sunrise and sunset. 

A short walk along the east end will take you to the historic Fort Gaines and Battery Turret. In the opposite direction, you can venture into the Audubon Bird Sanctuary to the Oleander Pond Overlook, a great spot for birdwatching! Plus, inshore fishing at Dauphin Island Beach has opportunities to catch speckled trout, redfish, and flounder.

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3. Fort Morgan Fishing Beach

Fort Morgan Fishing Beach

If time on the water is best spent fishing, then Fort Morgan Fishing Beach on Gulf Shores is a must-visit destination. Enjoy unspoiled beaches with dunes and views of the historic Fort Morgan. Surf fishing provides ample opportunities to catch various species, including pompano, redfish, and Spanish mackerel.

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4. Gulf Shores Public Beach

Gulf Shores Public Beach

If you’re looking for a beach where you can drop anchor and come ashore for food, fun, and entertainment, then we recommend Gulf Shores Public Beach. This is one of the best beaches near Mobile, Alabama for bar hopping and shopping. 

The Hangout Gulf Shores is an open-air seafood restaurant famous for its party vibe and live music. It’s not uncommon for visitors to dance on their tables, and the foam pit offers family-friendly fun!


5. Hernando Beach

Hernando Beach

Hernando Beach on Dauphin Island is another peaceful retreat away from crowds. Calm waters provide ideal conditions for water activities like kayaking and paddle boarding. You can also enjoy birdwatching in the area, since smaller crowds don’t scare the wildlife away. 


6. Orange Street Pier Beach

The closest beach to Mobile proper is Orange Street Pier Beach, tucked along the east side of Mobile Bay. White sands and warm waves make this a sought-after beach for locals and tourists alike.  A wooden pier offers scenic views of the water, perfect for admiring spectacular sunsets over the horizon. Visitors can find quick refreshments at the VFW Tiki Bar or venture farther inland to Gambino’s Italian Grill if you’re hungry.


7. Pelican Peninsula Pelican Peninsula 

Pelican Peninsula is the southern tip of Dauphin Island. Visitors love making the walk to the end, where they can take in panoramic views of Pelican Passage and the Gulf of Mexico. One of the reasons this is a great spot for bird watching is all the wildlife in the shallow waters surrounding the peninsula. Keep your eyes peeled for crabs and stingrays, and if you come early in the morning you might find a few shells worth keeping!


Visiting the best Alabama beaches by boat 

Whether you crave historical charm, tranquil escape, or vibrant coastal vibes, the beaches near Mobile, Alabama have something for everyone. Plus, if you plan your trip accordingly, you can experience Mardi Gras in Mobile! 

Pro tip: The height of Mardi Gras is around Joe Cain Day, where a historic march cuts through downtown Mobile on the Sunday before Fat Tuesday. 

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