Best Chicago Marinas.

8 Best Chicago Marinas

Written by Boatsetter Team
September 27, 2022

Chicago’s Lake Michigan is home to several marinas that offer seasonal and year-round boat slips for various different boat types! For anyone new to boating, a boat slip is a single parking spot for your boat. Here are 8 of the best Chicago marinas with boat slips:

  1. Belmont Harbor
  2. Burnham Harbor
  3. Montrose Harbor
  4. DuSable Harbor
  5. 31st Street Harbor
  6. Sunset Bay Marina
  7. Canal Street Marina
  8. Jackson Park Outer Marina

Here’s a Pro Boatsetter Tip before we get into it:

There are small marinas at Lake Michigan with boat slips ideal your sailboat rental.

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1. Belmont Harbor

Belmont Harbor is one of the busiest harbors on Lake Michigan. It has more than 818 slips, mooring docks, and transient docking. It can accommodate boats from 28-80+ feet. It is also home to several yacht clubs. Belmont Harbor has a gas and diesel fueling dock if your boat is running low on gas.

Pro Destination Tip: Waste pump-out equipment is available at Belmont Harbor at no charge.

There are also dry slips available here and yacht clubs near where you see your dream boat up close and offering unique dining experiences like the Chicago Yacht Club.

Belmont Harbor, Chicago.

2. Burnham Harbor

Located just south of downtown, Burnham Harbor offers 1,126 slips and is the largest harbor in Chicago. This harbor also has 30 transient slips (a temporary parking spot for your boat).

This floating dock marina can accommodate boats from 18-120 feet. The Ship Store has a laundry facility. The three-lane launch ramp has parking for up to 43 vehicles.

Burnham Harbor has a gas and diesel fueling dock with both high-speed and standard pumps. There is also a boat ramp available for use.

Pro Destination Tip: When here, you’re near Lincoln Park, Lakeview, and Wrigleyville. Visitors have easy access to beaches and parks.

3. Montrose Harbor

Montrose Harbor is located just at the northern edge of Lincoln Park and holds 700 slips. This harbor suits boat sizes of 25-50 feet. Reservations are available starting May 1st.

Amenities at Montrose Harbor include WiFi, showers, floating docks, complimentary pump-out, and more. Transient docking is available.

From here you’re close to Montrose Dune Natural beach and dog park.

4. DuSable Harbor

Dusable Harbor is a new harbor located in the heart of downtown Chicago. There are 420 slips, which can accommodate boats of 30-60 feet.

Every slip has electrical power and water. They’re available from April to October. You can book ahead for transient docking. Waste pump-out is provided free of charge and there are overnight docks on floating harbors.

DuSable Harbor, Chicago.

5. 31st Street Harbor

31st Street Harbor is Chicago’s newest harbor, built in 2012. This harbor won the ISS Fabin Cousteau Blue Award. It has more than 1,000 slips available and can accommodate boats of 35-70 feet. You can expect to find a three-lane boat ramp, waste pump services, and a fuel dock here.

Its sustainable design, which includes a 63,000-square-foot green roof, sets it apart as one of the most innovative harbors in the industry. Every slip has water, electricity, complimentary internet access, and cable TV. Some of its features include a naturally insulated parking garage.

To add to the many delights of this harbor, there is indoor boat storage in the winter. There is also a community space available for rent.

6. Sunset Bay Marina

Sunset Bay Marina is located on the Calumet River. It is open to the public from March to October and has a lift and launch service. This marina holds 198 slips with a fuel dock and two pump-outs.

The 48,000 sq. ft. storage space offers heated storage. There are also 12 acres of storage available outdoors.

It has five working wells. It uses the largest 75 metric ton lift on Lake Michigan’s south side. There are also maintenance and service professionals.

7. Canal Street Marina

Canal Street Marina is a full-service marina two miles south of downtown Chicago. It offers customers both indoor and outdoor storage. It’s accessible via a four-mile river passage.

It has many services for boaters. It offers maintenance like engine winterization, oil changes, plumbing, and more. They also provide repairs and detailing.

With your boat parked here, you’re close to the Chicago Arts District, where you will find blocks of art, shopping, and other entertainment.

Chicago River Boating.

8. Jackson Park Outer Harbor

Jackson Park Harbor is close to 63rd Street Beach and has a beautiful park setting. The marina has 115 slips and mooring cans. Boats from 25-40 feet are welcome to dock here.

There are floating boater bathrooms and transient slips available. The slips also have water and power. Finally, there are complimentary pump-out stations. It is also home to a yacht club. Also, the yacht club provides crane services.

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