3 Ways Boat Captains Enhance the Boat Sharing Experience.

Boat owners have found an amazing way to offset the costs of boat ownership through boat sharing. Owning a boat is the penultimate dream of many boating enthusiasts, however the cost of ownership doesn’t end with the initial purchase price. Ongoing costs include insurance, dockage, annual haulouts, winter storage, upgrades, routine maintenance, safety equipment, taxes and fuel. Couple these ongoing costs with statistics tat say boat owners (on average) only use their boats for approximately 14 days each year and boat ownership starts getting complicated.

Boat owners who are really getting the most out of boat sharing have found captains are the key!

Boat owners all over the world have discovered that renting their boats out through a leading boat sharing company is a safe, seamless way to keep their boats moving and earn rental income to help them enjoy ownership even more! One way owners are getting the most out of the boat sharing relationship is by connecting with experienced, professional captains.

Boat owners who connect with boat captains earn more boat sharing income! Here’s why…

#1 Your potential grows! It’s like casting a wider net. Renters like the option to have a captain at the helm for a lot of reasons.
  • Obviously, if the renter has no boating experience, a captain is needed. For these renters, a boat that does not have a captain option won’t even be considered.
  • Also if the renter is not familiar with the area, he or she may prefer to have a local captain drive the boat.
  • An experienced boater will understand that new unfamiliar areas (and possibly an unfamiliar boat type) are best left to an experienced captain with local knowledge.
  • Sometimes the boaters just want to kick back and enjoy the scenery, indulge in some champagne or focus on their family. An experienced captain at the helm allows them to do just that!
#2 Let’s do this again is the rally cry! A large portion of boat rentals come from people who had such a great time they want to do it again. Many repeat renters will return to the same boat and same captain...the more renters that take your boat out, the higher the chance you’ll have a group of happy customers coming back to you for their next boating adventure! Expand the possibilities of getting repeat rentals by offering the captain option for your boat rentals! #3 Let an expert handle it! A captain can make your life easier. (Who doesn’t want that?) Not only that, a licensed captain:
  • Is knowledgeable as to how to navigate the local waterways safely
  • Can handle (on your behalf) the forms needed to check in / check out your boat, verifying that the boat is in good working order pre and post boat rental
  • Knows what to do in the unlikely chance that there is an emergency, bad weather and can guide the renters toward the optimal experience.
Boatsetter is the #1 boat rental community and at the center of that community is its captain network. All Boatsetter captains are verified to hold the appropriate licenses for the boats they operate. It’s easy to connect with captains for your boat at boatsetter.com or you can easily add your own persoanl captain to the Boatsetter network to be at the helm of your boat during rentals! Not renting your boat out with Boatsetter? Get started today...it’s free, easy and could earn you thousands!


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