boat rentals improve health!

3 Ways Boat Rentals Fix Tech Neck

Written by Boatsetter Team
December 28, 2017

In today’s digital world, we are always looking down. How many hours do we spend staring down into the screens of our smart phones and electronic devices? There’s even a named medical condition for it: text neck (or tech neck)…

Even when we consciously try to avoid the “looking down” syndrome, our phones buzz and there we go again, shoulders hunched, eyes staring deep into the infiniteness of our small screen. What’s interesting is how different this posture is from what we experience while boating. 

3 ways boat rentals improve health!

Well, it’s scientifically-proven (pretty much) that boat rentals get rid of tech neck. Here are a just a few ways boating improves your health, fixes tech neck and changes your life for the better!

  1. LOOK UP! Boat Rentals Improve Health! – Everything about the experience of boat rentals —from the wide open skies and stunning views, to the wind in our hair and that indescribable feeling of being out on the open water—is refreshing.  But it’s not just our posture that improves on boat rentals (although walking upright is certainly a bonus)! What we experience is a complete shift in perspective. Let’s face it—it’s hard to be stressed about anything on the open water. Something about that wind, the ocean air and rocking in the waves, it’s almost like an instant state of relaxation.
  2. No Slouching! – Stand up straight! Stop Slouching…t’s that thing your momma warned you about. True, slouching is bad for you. Fun Fact: boat rentals improve health by keeping us from hunching over. Whether we’re raising a mainsail, checking the status of the sail trim, or looking up at its position, the point is we’re standing upright, moving about, looking around and not at our screen! Our eyes are begging for a break from TVs, IPADs, smart phones and so are our bodies!
  3. Forget the Hustle – Boat rentals allow us to get away from the hustle, escape everyday life, connect with friends and family and just BE! Time spent on boat rentals improve health and also is often more rewarding than any experience we can conjure up on land. It’s easy to see why—on a boat rental, we’re actually communicating with one another (and not just “liking” each other’s social media posts).

Of course, Boatsetter’s a tech start up and your boat rentals are (seamlessly) booked via our amazing website…so we love technology and are loaded up with the latest in tech gadgets and devices. But we know boat rentals improve health for one main reason: it’s important for boaters disconnect and connect every now and then!

Boatsetter has a fleet of boats ready to help you embark on a healthy (and packed with fun) boating adventure. Reserve your boat rental online today, then unplug and get ready to set sail.

You owe a boat rental to your health!

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