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Four Hottest Boating Spots Trending Now

Written by Boatsetter Team
January 2, 2018

According to, 42 percent of Americans are planning to take a vacation in 2017 –  with most planning trips to warm weather destinations in the U.S. and abroad. Boatsetter knows the hot spots that are trending now and has the boat rentals to get you there.

Trending Now: Boat Rentals in these HOT spots!

Guadeoupe – One of the Caribbean’s most exotic locales, Guadeloupe boasts a rich blend of cultures and a tourist scene that is more relaxed and  low-key than islands such as Aruba and St. Barts. Like with other Caribbean destinations, though, visitors come here to relax on the beach, dive and snorkel, and experience the quaint village life, but don’t miss the lively street festivals which are attended by visitors and locals alike.

French Polynesia –  The French Polynesia consists of over 100 islands — the best-known being Bora Bora, Moorea and Tahiti, which is the largest. Once you arrive there you can check out some boat rentals and enjoy the tropical weather, friendly locals and beautiful beaches perfect for snorkeling, surfing and even shark-feeding. Other island activities include golfing and hiking to waterfalls and black-sand beaches.

Zanzibar –  Zanzibar is a hot place for boat rentals in 2017. Boaters will enjoy the Zanzibar archipelago with a dazzling array of coral reefs to snorkel,fishing villages to visit and rain forests to explore. Once ashore, go for a hike through the Ngezi Rainforest, and after, visit a local fishing village to meet the locals and take part in a BBQ dinner of freshly caught fish while watching the sunset.

European Islands –  For 2017 the relatively unknown islets dotted around Europe will be very popular spots for boat rentals. Italy’s Pantelleria is known to chic travelers and found between Sicily and Tunisia.  Naxos in Greece, is another boating paradise, and perfect for culinary tourists, with its garden markets and large choice of home-grown cheeses.

With Boatsetter, you will have a wide choice of boat rentals to visit the hottest boating spots of 2017.  Every reservation comes with free cancellation, up to 24 hours in advance. You can also choose to book a boat rental captain with your reservation. Your local guide to any of these exotic places can show you the ropes!

Check out our boat rental options online and make your reservation today!

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