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How Boat Sharing Differs From Boat Clubs

Boatsetter Team
Written by Boatsetter Team
December 6, 2017

In the past, the boating lifestyle required a large financial outlay and a significant time commitment.  As time went on, an alternative to traditional ownership arose allowing boating enthusiasts to choose to join a boat club. An option that is advantageous for those who go boating very frequently but still don’t want to own a boat of their own.  Today’s marketplace offers a third option known as boat sharing which truly makes boating and the boating lifestyle available to everyone regardless of their level of boating experience.

Boat sharing connects those who want to go boating with privately-owned boat owners and even offer captains to handle the boat while it’s out on charter so no boating experience is needed. There’s now even more options to live the boating lifestyle even if you don’t have the financial means or desire to own one. Now anyone can go boating.

Boating is one of those hobbies that never goes out of fashion and really offers a wide range of enjoyment options that will appeal to just about everyone. Boat sharing companies, such as Boatsetter, offer this option for half day, full day or multi-day charters in a wide range of locations. Choosing a captain to accompany on the charter allows for anyone to rent a boat with them regardless of experience level.

Make Lasting Memories – Rent a boat with your loved ones!

Whether your goal is to create lasting family memories out on the water or take advantage of the many activities that boating has to offer (e.g. snorkeling, fishing, water skiing), boating is a step above most other weekend activities. These rewards aren’t going anywhere, but technology through web-based boat sharing companies are making it easier for boaters to enjoy them.

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