5 Ways to Take Date Night to the Next Level with Boatsetter

Written by Kristen Rogers
October 8, 2018

Looking for a way to add some zing to your next date night? The key might be on a boat – a little time on the water could be just the thing to help bring some sizzle to your love life. If you’re not lucky enough to own one, Boatsetter‘s privately owned fleet is the perfect solution. How do you use your boat to take date night to the next level? Here are five ideas that could do the trick.

Take a Dinner Tour

This one is probably kind of basic, but it can be an excellent option to ramp up the romance. Chart a course that will take you past a few of your area’s more iconic and beautiful landmarks, and then plan a dinner. Go as simple or as involved as you like, but make sure you take into account your significant other’s preferences. A little vino, the setting sun, the wind in your hair and dinner on the plate could be both romantic and relaxing.

Lights and Music under the Stars

This one takes a bit more planning, but you can pull it off pretty easily. First, find a way to run some string lights around your boat. Shoot for two strings – one at rail height, and another about head height. A portable generator or battery pack will give you power. Now, head out for some open water away from the city’s light pollution. Spend some time with the lights glowing softly and the stars shining above, while the gentle swell of the ocean rocks the boat.

Take a Dive Tour

Are you in an area where there’s plenty of diving opportunities? Grab your facemask, snorkel and flippers, and get up close with dolphins and other denizens of the water. Pack a lunch and find yourselves a secluded beach to unwind after your dive.

Wine and Nature Tour

Touring the natural environment can be amazingly romantic. Pour a glass or two of red wine, and gently tour through the mangroves. Relax to the sound of birds in the trees, or head out to the nearby reef to enjoy nature and one another.

Candlelight in the Marina

There’s something incredibly beautiful about marinas as the sun sets and after dark. You can take advantage of that for your next date night and get your romance on without even leaving port. String some lights up on your boat (go for soft lighting here), and plan your dinner. Since you’re not going anywhere, spend a little extra time (and money) on the meal. Go for a fine dining experience, complete with a decent vintage. Soft music from a real record player, the gentle swaying of the boat, and an evening spent in conversation and laughter could be just the thing for your relationship.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways you can take date night to the next level on the water. The thing to remember is that you need to tailor the evening to your significant other – food, music, dancing, and everything else.

Popping the big question? Proposing on a boat is on the top of the romance list!

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