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5 Reasons to Charter a Boat for Your Next Big Event

Written by Boatsetter Team
December 5, 2017

Last Updated on January 14, 2022 by Boatsetter Team

Is the conundrum of planning a great event that will leave everyone happy, excited and ready for the next one vexing you? Chartering a boat is not only an easy solution but one that will change up the normal garden-variety gathering of the past including: expensive dinners and hall rentals that will soon be forgotten.

The sharing economy (i.e. Uber, AirBnB etc) has touched nearly all industries and the boating industry is no exception. The option of boat sharing has made boat rentals easier to access for anyone. It’s as simple as:

  • Browse the Boatsetter  fleet
  • Choosing a boat in the desired location
  • Choosing the desired experience: cruising, dining, snorkeling, deep sea fishing etc
  • Choosing a captain (or opting out if you have enough on-water experience to take the helm)
  • Booking it & showing up!

The following events will go down in the history book if held on a private boat rental…

Bachelor or Bachelorette Party – Any wedding-related event will be even more memorable onboard a luxurious boat. Events worth considering include the bachelor or bride-to-be’s last night of single-hood celebration, the rehearsal dinner, a pre- or post-wedding meet and greet or even…the big day itself! Boats of all sizes and styles can be rented for half day events, full-day events or extended trips…kicking off your nuptial party out on the water, the only way to tie the knot (and the photo ops will be ahh-mazing)!

Corporate Outing – Gathering up your top sales performers, holding an end of the year holiday celebration, looking for a team building initiative? All great reasons to take your team out on a boat! Mix up the scenery and the group will undoubtedly relax and bond out on the open waters for a comparable cost of a large dinner or rented/catered location offsite. And, the value of the experience priceless.

First Date – First Date, First Anniversary or feeding the need to re-spark an old flame…the best place to make it happen? Hands down on a boat! Hiring a captain to do the driving while the two of you enjoy champagne, sunsets and romance can truly make for an evening that won’t soon be forgotten. Or, for the more active couples out there: snorkeling, diving and deep sea fishing are great ways to spend quality couple time.

Family “Stay-cation” – No time to break away from the rat race for a week-long vacation? Schedules are intense these days but don’t miss out on valuable time with your kids. For one day, turning off the X-box, booting down the computer and getting out on the ocean, your kids will love it and it will feel like you took that vacation you never seem to be able to fit into your busy lifestyle.

College Reunion – Sorority Sisters all in one place after ten long years? Old roommates or teammates looking for a place to reconnect? Here’s a venue suggestion: charter a boat. Boats can be chartered in most major waterfront cities and surely one of those destinations will be a great backdrop for your upcoming college reunion. A fishing expedition, an extended charter to shores unknown, or even just a half day out by the Sandbar, all great suggestions for your college buddies.

No events on the horizon? Does that really matter? Boating is great anytime and now with no experience and no ownership required…anyone can enjoy the boating lifestyle. It’s almost the weekend, that’s an event, right? Let’s go boating!

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