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Setting Sail: Clean and Green Electric Yachts

Written by Boatsetter Team
December 6, 2017

Anybody who loves the water and the boating lifestyle undoubtedly wants to do all they can to protect it. Those in the boating industry are often the biggest advocates for conservation initiatives and new ways of going green. In recent years, boat manufacturers have gotten on board with the clean and green movement of other industries. Many are now producing more environmentally-friendly engines, parts and accessories for electric motor yachts in an effort to protect the environment and the world’s waterways.

Electric Yachts

How are boat manufacturers going green?
• Manufacturers have developed marine exhaust mufflers that remove hydrocarbons from the exhaust system.
• Boat building shops have been implemented with waste water collection systems that pump to locations where the water is treated naturally before it’s discharged.
• Companies have developed environmentally-friendly cleaning products such as non-toxic and biodegradable boat soap as well as heavy-duty cleansers that can remove dirt and debris off of boat hulls without the use of bleach.
New technology treats, stores and contains waste in a more effective manner to protect the water and environment from the damage of marine sewage and waste water.
• Resin infusion technology reduces construction emissions over hand-laying methods. This technique produces a lighter hull, which is paramount for fuel efficiency.
• Solar or wind-generated power can be used for battery charging.
• A hybrid outboard motor with a dual drive consisting of an electric motor and gasoline engine, instead of the traditional single power source, is meant to reduce hydrocarbon pollutants in outboard engines.

Green boats and electric yachts
• The Arcadia solar powered super yacht is a sleek and luxurious mega-vessel that uses solar panels to power the lighting, refrigeration and air conditioning. It also uses organic fuel.
Greenline manufactures boats that have hybrid electrical diesel propulsion. Ranging in size from 33 to 70 feet, these hybrid boats have super displacement hulls that are rounded. The shafts are at an angle of less than one degree. This combination makes them very high in efficiency.
• Island Pilot has built a hybrid solar and diesel-powered catamaran. It uses a lithium battery that can get 2,000 to 5,000 cycles. It is cheaper than an Odyssey AGM battery.

How boaters can help to reduce engine emissions
• Keep the boat engine in good condition and well-maintained.
• Follow the service schedules recommended by the manufacturer.
• Install electric engine and fuel monitoring equipment.
• Make sure the engine horsepower matches the size of the boat.

Image:  Charterworld – 44m Diesel Electric Yacht Concept by Fifth Ocean Yachts and Studio Starkel 

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