Cost to Charter a Yacht.

How Much Does It Cost to Charter a Yacht?

Written by Diane Byrne
May 30, 2023

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Who among us hasn’t dreamed of cruising far horizons aboard a luxurious private yacht? Even just imagining ourselves cruising around sandy shores, anchoring in secluded coves, and pulling up to a great waterfront restaurant or a colorful beachside bar makes us happy.

Yacht charter makes all of this a reality. If you’re concerned about the cost of chartering a yacht, cast your apprehensions aside. Plenty of options means there’s no reason to give up on being the hero or heroine of your own dreams.

Here we’ll go over the types of private yacht charters and the costs of one. Let’s dream big together, shall we?

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Types of private yacht charters

Yacht crew.

Firstly, there are different types of private yacht charters. All-inclusive charters include the yacht, a professional captain and crew, all onboard meals and beverages, harbor fees, and fuel costs.

You’ll likely enjoy this experience the most if your hardest decision all day is how many cups of coffee you’ll drink at breakfast.

Meanwhile, a plus-expenses private yacht charter includes the yacht, the captain, and the crew. Meal costs and fuel costs are separate. So, too, are port taxes, dockage, and other fees.

You pay for these through an allowance before stepping aboard or a bill at the end of your trip. Either way, it allows for a more personalized, tailored experience.

Note that these types of private yacht charter are much different than the bareboat charter type. With that type of trip, you’re basically the owner and crew rolled into one.

You chart where you want to go, fuel up as needed along the way, and provision the boat. Similar to renting a car while on vacation, you keep the boat neat and tidy so there’s a quick turnaround for the next customers to step up.

Costs of a private yacht charter

Swimming off a yacht.

Okay, now that you understand the types of charter, you’re still probably wondering how much it is. The cost of chartering a yacht may seem high, at least initially.

However, it actually can be quite reasonable if a few friends or family members join you and split the expenses. In fact, you may find you get more bang for your buck compared to other upscale entertainment choices, like staying at a resort.

A few factors ultimately influence the cost of chartering a yacht. As already mentioned, all-inclusive charters are different than plus-expenses charters. Additionally, the age of the yacht and the crew’s reputation comes into play.

The time of the year —peak summer season, for example— does as well. The charter’s length, the yacht’s size, and the passenger total are often the biggest factors, however.

Consider a yacht in Miami that lists at $2,100 for an eight-hour day. Once you add fuel costs, dockage fees, and the captain’s gratuity, the total is about $3,300.

Since the yacht accommodates 12 people, that’s $275 per person. Even with just eight people, you’re each paying $412.50. Remember, this isn’t just transportation; it’s sightseeing, anchoring, swimming, and so much more entertainment all rolled into one day.

Friends on a yacht.

Ultimately, the cost of a private yacht charter can and does reflect a vacation as laid-back or as extravagant as you wish. Yachts from 45 to 65 feet in length easily can accommodate up to 10 people.

Usually, they book trips lasting a few hours, though some further offer daylong charters. At the other end of the spectrum are ultra-luxurious experiences in which 12 or more in your party can spend a week aboard.

These are much larger yachts—well over 100 feet—with much larger crews. They’re decked out with spas, swimming pools, and regal staterooms with marble-lined baths (too luxurious to be called heads).

This type of deluxe charter comes with a price tag of six figures for a week. If you book one, let us know if we can tag along—or at least tag us on Instagram.

Remember, too, that gratuities aren’t included in the cost of a private yacht charter, regardless of whether you book an all-inclusive or plus-expenses trip. If you’re pleased with the crew and the service, tip 15% to 20% of the charter fee.

If, after reviewing all these details, you decide the cost to charter a yacht just isn’t in your budget, don’t give up!

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