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Crucial, useful, or fun? 4 Factors to Consider When Buying Boat Gear

Boatsetter Team
Written by Boatsetter Team
January 5, 2018

There is nothing more fun than a day on the water. But even if you are Michael Phelps, you do need to first consider boat safety. Do you have the things you need in case there is an emergency? After that, what do you need to have fun? This short guide will help you answer the most common questions about the boat gear you need to have the best time possible.

1. Should You Buy New or Used?

This is a tricky question and depends a lot on what exactly you are trying to buy and from whom you are buying from. Some people may have owned things for ten years, but kept them in pristine shape, others may have had something a month and have trashed it. The most important factor on a boat is durability. If it tough enough for some rugged waters than you should be good to go whether it’s used or new.

2. Check out Used Boat Equipment Platform

If you are going down the used route than nothing beats Used Boat Equipment site. The best thing about it, however, is that it takes the guesswork out of things for you. Will that radio you just bought from the guy down at the marina still work in a month?

You don’t have to worry that. Everything on the site is vetted so that you know that it is quality while saving you some serious green versus buying something new.

3. Try it Out First!

There is no better way to get to know something than by trying it first. Whether it’s life jackets, cushions, fishing rods, speakers or even a boat. Whatever it is, you can try it out by chartering a watercraft on Boatsetter. Our captains keep their vessels well equipped so it’s a good opportunity to see whether something is a good fit for you or not.

4. Can you boat safely without it? Is it just for fun?

This is a very important question when budget is a determining factor. Sometimes you have to make a tough choice, but remember, safety should always come first. Make the list of things you need for that, and any money you have left over then buy that inflatable toy or whatever you have your heart set on.

All the Important Boat Gear You Need

As with any activity, the right gear makes all the difference. So be sure to do your homework, shop smart and know where to spend a little extra. This way, you can always have an amazing adventure, every time you are out on the water!

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