5 Reasons You Need to Island Hop the Caribbean this Fall

Obviously, there is no wrong way to do a Caribbean vacation because any time spent among the white sandy beaches and azure waters is time well spent. However, if it came down to picking the perfect way to visit, it would have to include an island-hopping adventure. There is too much goodness to be had to dedicate the entire trip to just one destination. Cruising across the crystal waters with Boatsetter is truly the best way to experience every inch of every island. Ready to explore? Here are five reasons why you should plan a Caribbean island hop this fall.

1) The Varied Landscape

[caption id="attachment_7764" align="aligncenter" width="500"] St Lucia- The Pitons[/caption] The many islands in the Caribbean have unique terrains and they are so much more than just white sandy beaches. Although, they definitely have plenty of those! On islands like St Lucia and Grenada, you will find volcanoes some of which are still active, and in the Dominican Republic, you can find the highest mountain in the Caribbean region which hits its peak at 10,000 feet.

2) The Delicious Food

[caption id="attachment_7765" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Caribbean Kebab[/caption] The food preferences and tastes are as varied as the landscapes. The islands have a range of influences that are reflected in the various dining choices to be found. The ancient tribes that set the stage include the Carib, the Arawak, and the Taino who all certainly influenced the food that is eaten, but many islands also have influences from their European settlers and the African slaves that also called the island home. All of these cultures combined to form very different types of cuisine depending on which island you are on.

3) The Varied Colors of Sand

[caption id="attachment_7766" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Bermuda-Horseshoe Bay Beach[/caption] The sand can also vary from island to island. In addition to the many white sandy beaches you will find on many of the most popular island destinations, there are places like Puerto Rico and St Lucia sporting black sand on their shores due to ancient volcanic activity, and Bermuda has beaches covered in pink sand created from red shells that were broken by the surf.

4) The Ease With Which You Can Sail Between Them

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Boatsetter Boat Rental- St Thomas[/caption] Sailing around the Caribbean’s more than 7,000 islands is a snap because the waters are so safe and serene. If you avoid hurricane season, the seas are very predictable and a steady Trade Wind blows. Plus, there are plenty of places to anchor your boat and head shoreside for a drink in a tiki bar.

5) Fall is the Low Season

[caption id="attachment_7767" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Punta Cana[/caption] Since it is at the tail end of the hurricane season, the fall months tend to be the low season for the majority of the Caribbean islands which means travel gets a whole lot cheaper. Along with those more affordable prices come less crowded beaches. Both can be considered wins. The Caribbean is the ultimate destination for the beach lovers of the world, and hopping from island to island is the best way to see everything in one trip. Spend a few days snorkeling in the Bahamas, lounge on the pink sand beaches of Bermuda, then nibble on the jerk chicken dishes found in Jamaica. You will love your island hopping Caribbean vacation!


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  1. Avatar Jesse says:

    A Caribbean vacation is definitely a must do for me! This looks so much fun and would love to take pictures and experience the fun! I own a few boats but have never experience this type of get away.

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