Fishing Boat Rentals for the Salty Dog in All of Us

Written by Boatsetter Team
December 28, 2017

Fishing Boat Rentals Make Water Adventures Easy

What’s the hardest part about planning a fishing trip? The transportation.  Well, that problem’s solved with fishing boat rentals! Check out these tips to get the perfect trip kicked off! First, you need a boat with enough space for you, your gear and your catch (at least we hope there’s lots of catch!).

Your fishing boat needs to be comfortable and have the proper setup for lots of on-deck activities. It’s tough to reel in a big catch, so you need ample room in order to be successful because there is nothing worse than a fish that wiggled off the line (well, maybe there is, but you get the point).

Fishing boat rentals are easy to find via Boatsetter. In just a few clicks you can find, review and reserve fishing boat rentals in your neighborhood or the area where you are vacationing. You can even secure fishing charters with a captain who knows the best local fishing holes.

Boatsetter features a variety of fishing boat rentals for the picky, serious, casual, skilled and/or novice fish fighter in all of us, including:

  • Bass Boats – Bass boats have a special trolling motor and a “V” hull to best navigate freshwaters. Yes, Boatsetter has a fleet of vessels for freshwater fishing in addition to our salt water vessels (freshwater vs. saltwater – we don’t judge!).
  • Bowriders – We know that not every fishing trip is serious. Sometimes your goal is to just hang with the family and try and catch dinner. If that’s your goal a bowrider is perfect for your adventure, and they’re available on Boatsetter (win, win!).
  • Center Console – Center console boats make some of the best fishing boat rental options. Hint: The large models are well suited for offshore fishing.
  • Fish ‘n Ski Boat – What are these vessels best for? Yup, you guessed it: fishing and skiing (you’re so smart you). They are great family boats with comfortable seating for all aboard.
  • Express Fisherman – Attention: Serious fishermen and women only on the Express Fisherman. It is designed to get offshore quick and features large cockpits and deck room to rope in your big catch. This is the ideal fishing boat for those who are serious about the sport.
  • Convertible Fishing Boat – These boats are at least 35 feet and ideal for offshore cruising. The view from the flybridge helps you spot fish. This vessel is a people pleaser for groups with individuals who prefer fishing and those who prefer to sail for sheer pleasure.
  • Pontoon Boat – Pontoon boat? We meant to say party boat! Oh no, fishing boat! Eh, really pontoon boats are all of the above – they are another great option for family cruising and fishing and are especially popular on lakes where the water is calm.

Find your perfect ride for your fishing needs on Boatsetter. Every reservation comes with free cancellation up to 24 hours in advance. You can also choose to book a captain with your reservation. Your local guide can show you the ropes (pun fully intended). Oh, and a few days before your adventure be sure to brush up on our tips in order to have the best charter boat fishing experience ever.

Grab your calendar and view the fishing boat rentals in your area!

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