3 Ways to Get Your Boat Rental Ready With Shurhold!

Written by Kristen Rogers
August 10, 2020

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It’s common knowledge: boats in better shape get more bookings.

To keep your boat looking its best, build 5-star reviews, and get repeat bookings, you should ensure that your renters are well-taken care of and detail your boat after each trip. Fortunately, the right tools, chemicals, and know-how can make this job a breeze. Shurhold has been cleaning boats since 1973 and is an authority on general boat maintenance.

Restore the gelcoat through compounding

In order to maximize your rental potential, you should consider polishing or possibly even restoring your boat’s gelcoat. It may sound daunting, but with help from Shurhold Industries, the process doesn’t have to be hard! Plus, if you take the time and follow the steps in these videos, you’ll find that you can restore a showroom shine, get more bookings, and better enjoy your own time on the boat.

  1. To bring back the shine, you have to remove a small layer of the material. That’s where a polisher, a wool pad, and the actual compounding chemical, like Buff Magic, come in to play. Shurhold has a video that breaks down this process in an easy, step-by-step guide.
  2. To protect your hard work, you’ll need to reseal the gelcoat with a layer of wax or sealant. For best results, this project should be redone a few times a year. This can be a quick and easy process when using Pro Polish, a polymer sealant that wipes on and buffs off easily.

Wash with the right tools

Shurhold has everything you need to keep the boat looking great for years to come in a simple, easy to use system.

  1. To start, you’ll need the right brush. You can decide what’s best for you by watching this helpful product guide. In short, you want soft fibers for smooth surfaces and a stiffer brush for the non-skid decks. You will also need a boat soap. Ideally, you want a product that won’t strip your wax but will remove stains. Britewash is a great choice in this regard. It’s a biodegradable soap that emulsifiers dirt, grime, and fallout. This combination should handle the majority of your boat, from the hardtop to the outboards.
  2. After rinsing the soap away, it’s very important to dry the boat as well. If you don’t, water spots will form and harm the boats finish. Use a quality chamois from the Deluxe Water Sprite family of products to make drying the boat a quick and easy job.
  3. For perfectly clean isinglass and electronic screens, consider Serious Shine. And for removing stubborn stains like sole marks, black streaks, or bird droppings, you can try Serious Multipurpose Cleaner.

Make boating easy for your guests

Providing the right tools for a safe and enjoyable day on the water will set you apart from less equipped options. Going beyond providing water and ice, the right tools can go a long way towards making a trip special.

  1. Starting off, make sure you’ve got a boat hook ready and available to making docking and undocking that much easier. Shurhold has a great Boat Hook Adapter that easily snaps in and out of its handle system, making accessibility and storage a breeze.
  2. Going fishing? Shurhold also offers a variety of landing nets that also snap into their handle system. You can store the nets when not in use to declutter the deck and make it easier to walk around.
  3. How about getting the trip on video? Many boaters have access to a GoPro, Garmin VIRB, or another type of handheld waterproof camera. That’s where the Action Camera Adapter comes in. It gives your guests the ability the record their day on the water from a unique perspective, including underwater shots!

Shurhold has exactly what you need to get your boat rental ready and keep renters happy. As an authority on boat maintenance and with over 40 different accessories for their patented handle system, they have the right tools for you and your renter’s needs. Ready to shop? Head over to shurhold.com to shop their selection or learn more about boat detailing!

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