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Greenline Yachts: The Complete Guide to Greenline Yachts

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July 15, 2021

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Green by name, green by nature.

A relatively new entry to the boating industry, Greenline Yachts has revolutionized yachting with a range of innovative and environmentally friendly features. This is boating that does not cost the earth.

The History of Greenline Yachts

Greenline Yachts was launched in 2008. As all great ideas do, they began life on the drawing board. Greenline yachts became a bestseller just one year later, selling more than 550 units of their Greenline 33 in over 28 countries. Its dedicated team of engineers and designers had built a safe, comfortable, and elegant boat.

But it did not stop there. In 2010, just two years after their launch, Greenline’s maiden production, the Greenline 33, became an international bestseller. New boats followed rapidly in 2011, 2013, 2016.

In 2019, the Greenline 48 Coupe premiered in Dusseldorf, Germany, where it amazed onlookers. Since then, the company has grown and continued to innovate, inspire and raise the bar. Who knows what the future holds for this firebrand?


The features of a Greenline Yacht.

Innovation. Innovation. Innovation. Ever since their introduction of the first-ever hybrid boat, which combined diesel and electricity, in 2008, Greenline has revolutionized the boating industry. They have set the bar as a pioneering, forward-thinking, and game-changing boatbuilder. Their vision is to shape the future of boating into environmentally sustainable and, in doing so, establish themselves as the most responsible boat brand in the world.

The designers at Greenline know that their customers want to be at one with the ocean. They want to plunge themselves into the big blue, explore it, conquer it, all without leaving a trace, preserving it for future generations to enjoy too. With their expansive range of hybrid and fully electric boats, this dream is made a reality.

Each model is powered by renewable sources of energy and fitted with solar panels, so it won’t be only the passengers who are soaking up the rays! Greenline yachts use organic boat wash and biodegradable rubbish bags, as well as being built of eco-friendly fabrics, such as PET foam core, grass paper, and recycled materials.

But this is at no sacrifice to speed or performance. Greenline Yachts boasts a range of innovative technological features that will ensure you stay top of the pack. Greenline Yachts are the only range of yachts currently in production that offers H-Drive as well as E-Drive; they have built-in vacuum infusion technology. In contrast to conventional yachts, this means that their boats have optimal weight and robustness, higher quality of material, alongside being kind to the environment.  

Low centers of gravity ensure that the utmost levels of safety and comfort are maintained on and below the deck. This comes from Greenline’s technical mastery in placing all the heavy components of the boat in the deepest part of the hull, which renders the vessel more impervious to rolling and increases stability – even in the choppiest of waters!

Of course, all Greenline models are built to a highly sophisticated level. They harness the best of modern technology, especially in tooling and prototyping, and the inherited wisdom of the past in handcrafting to build arguably some of the world’s most advanced boats. Tradition and experience blended seamlessly with the cutting-edge and futuristic.

The Greenline Range

Here at Boatsetter, we are proud to offer a range of Greenline Yachts for rental. In fact, they are a key part of our new ecological and green boating rentals.

Despite its age, Greenline Yachts flaunts an impressive product range in the world, with nearly 8 models currently on the waves (although more are in the pipeline). There is the entry-level Greenline 33 Flybridge series up to the 68 OC. The 33, 39, 40, 45 Coupe, 45 Fly, 48 Coupe, 48 Fly, and the 68 OC.

Thanks to Boatsetter’s peer-to-peer boat renting service, sampling one of these beauties has never been easier. Rentals typically come with a knowledgeable captain and crew to guide you on an exciting yacht charter adventure. Boatsetter has Greenline Yachts which are available from multiple sites across the United States, Europe, and beyond. Many of Boatsetter’s rentals offer the opportunity to enhance your experience with jet skis, electronic surfboards, and sea bobs. Time to hit the waves.   

The Greenline 33  

Where it all began.

 Measuring in at 32’9″ (9.99m), the Greenline 33 is a splendid yacht containing 1 salon (plus an optional bunk), 7 berths and 1 bathroom. It has a fuel capacity of 132 gal (500L) and can hold 80 gal of freshwater (300L).

The Greenline 33 has a hybrid and electric drive and conventional diesel options, true to their pioneering spirit. Its Volvo Penta D3 can deliver speeds of up to 11 knots and 170 HP. Their decade of experience in hybrid engines means that this is the ideal system for performance and efficiency while ensuring that your passengers remain comfortable on the deck.

A signature feature of the Greenline 33 is its Aft Galley, which combines the cockpit and galley into a fabulous and inviting social area. There is no single step between the bathing platform and the helmsman position to ensure one level of living throughout the boat.

And with 360-degree panoramic views from the inside, natural light will delight your senses!

The Greenline 39


The big brother of the 33, the Greenline 39 is beefy with a beam of 12’4″ and accommodation for up to six people. Friends, family or business colleagues, you name it, you can bring them. Wishing to lavish your passengers in comfort and grace, the designers at Greenline have fitted the 39 with a bank of solar panels, which you can use for all the boat’s appliances, whether you are at sea or having a drink at the port. Even better, this means that the boat does not make a sound. No noise. No vibrations. No emissions. No disturbances. Nothing. Just you …

And the seagulls.

The 39 has high-performance LiPo Batteries 2 x 13.3 kWh in its hybrid edition, which have a charging rate of 8 kWh/day. Depending on your energy management and the weather conditions, this translates as 2 days on anchor, while using the full range of appliances that a family needs, including laptops, TVs, fridge and stove. Still, the non-hybrid is built with efficiency in mind. It consumes approximately 6.5 kWh/day for 4 people in a 24 hour period.

Looking at the exterior of the yacht, the cockpit and side decks are sheltered to afford your passengers maximum security and protection so that people of all ages and abilities can enjoy the weather. Plus, the Helmstand side door provides safe maneuvering throughout the boat.

The Greenline 40

The family favorite.

Biggest of all, the series provides the perfect venue for you to sit back with your family and enjoy. No work. No-fuss. Just sheer relaxation and comfort. With 2 cabins, a large salon, and a maximum of 6 berths, the Green 40 can cater to families of all shapes and sizes. And with a fuel capacity of 185 gal (700L) and water tank of 106 400L, there is no need to worry about running dry.

The Greenline 40 enjoys all of the Green technologies that makes Greenline so, well, green. It has 4 high performance LiPo batteries that allow the whole family to stay connected and entertained for 3 days on anchor. For those with more restrained usage, this can be more. Nonetheless, available as a diesel, electric or hybrid drive. This is a boat with green credentials.

For when the sun is dipping below the waves and it is time to relax, the Greenline 40 has an adaptive owners cabin, which supports a multiplicity of sleeping arrangements.

The Greenline 45 Coupe

Say hello to the ocean’s solar power plant.

Available as a Diesel Drive, Hybrid Drive or Electric Drive, the Greenline 45 can accommodate up to eight people with 2 or 3 spacious cabins, depending on customisation, and has two bathrooms. One of these cabins – yes, you guessed it, the master cabin – is full beam, meaning it is nearly 5 metres wide. What a treat. Its diesel tank has a large capacity of 396 gal (1,450L) and 159 gal (600) of freshwater, besides plenty of black water for whatever your needs.

Get ready to impress your guests with the homely natural wood table in the salon, and walk-in closet, and walk-in wardrobe for both cabins. Let the fashion shows commence.

But the Greenline 45 Coupe does not stop there. Like the previous models, it has EDrive technology. Built-in partnership with Torqeedo, this revolutionary technology provides silent, emission free propulsion along the waves, and integrated energy manages to run the boat’s domestic supply efficiently and ecologically. This is complemented by SIMRAD Navigation Electronics, complete with an extra-large navigation dashboard for your viewing pleasure. 

Enough of the tech stuff. There is also a hydraulic bathing platform which can be raised or lowered to ensure easy, safe access to the waves.

The Greenline 48 Fly

Independence at its finest

On the outside this boat is unmistakable. It will turn heads at the port. Thanks to its smartly designed covered sidewalks, the flybridge on the yacht is extra-large. It is wider than most of the other boats in its class. =

Greenline knows that a holiday should be relaxation par excellence. This is why they have developed extra wide and protected side passages, with side doors that aid speedy jumping on and off the ship, and an extra protective hardtop option that is enriched with additional solar panels. While the traditional side anchor is standard, Green also offers the option for a boat anchor.

Full-sized freezer? Check. Wine cooler? Check. Extra-large owner bed? Check. The convertible salon of the Greenline 48 Fly, with an adjustable table, offers the opportunity to transform the main dining area into extra berths for when your guests want to hit the hay.

Below deck, the Greenline 48 Fly has 2 x Yanmar 8LV320 engines that generate speeds up to 20 knots and have 320 HP each. This will allow you to cruise at the perfect pace. There are 3, optionally 4, cabins and a maximum of 6 berths, 2 in the salon, and another. Besides, there are 3 bathrooms.

Still curious? Watch the renowned yachting critic Boat Test try one out.

The Greenline 68 Ocean Class

The extraordinary just got even more extraordinary.

The biggest yacht ever made by Greenline, the 68 Ocean Class is a force to be reckoned with. This yacht demonstrated to the world that the shipyard was knocking its boat, building up a gear. Read the reviews here!

If you want luxury, that remains environmentally sound, then look no further than the flagship of the Greenline Yachts family: the 68 Ocean Class. 

Taking the open-plan to the next level, the world-class yacht has Greenline’s signature Aft Galley, which combines the cockpit and galley in a magnificent space for socializing. During the daytime, the whole interior of the boat is flooded with natural light due to the 360-degree panoramic windows. And for when the sunsets (or is high in the sky), there is an expansive wine cooler in which you can stow away your favorite bottle – or two.

Alongside providing extra protection to the craft, the 68 Ocean Class has a hardtop on the flybridge, which coincidentally creates an excellent diving platform. Ready to impress your crush? Just make sure that the water is deep enough.

68′ 3″ in length and with a 17′ 11″ beam, this behemoth will dominate any port or harbor. Or, if you fancy getting away from it all, the boat would be the perfect companion for you to visit your favorite coastline. Italy, Miami, or the Bahamas – you decide. 


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