Summer Fun Planning

A Guide to Summer Fun while Staying Close to Home

Written by Mariah Hoefle
May 27, 2020

Last Updated on July 31, 2023 by Boatsetter Team

Taking a vacation doesn’t always mean you need to leave town. With summer almost here, everyone is starting to look for ways to make the most of their summer vacation. Fortunately, with a boat rental from Boatsetter, you can feel like you’re on vacation without ever having to leave your hometown! From fishing excursions to cruising the open water with your crew, there are an endless amount of experiences you can plan for your summer staycation.

I. Choosing An Experience

What does your perfect day on the water look like? Is it spent with your family? Or maybe even close friends? Do you prefer to spend the day being active or would prefer to use this as an opportunity to kick back and relax? No matter the experience you’re looking for, Boatsetter can help you find that perfect activity. Here are a few options to consider while planning your fun day out on the water.

A Fishing Excursion

fishing excursion

A day of fishing is a day well spent. If you’re looking to get out on the water to gain an exhilarating experience, a fishing excursion could be perfect for you and your crew! Whether you live near a lake or by the sea, you’ll surely catch your evening dinner and maybe even learn a few things about fishing that you didn’t know before.

A Day on the Water with Friends

boat rental with friends

Looking to enjoy the day with a group of close friends? Skip your on-land brunch plans and make your champagne toast on the water! With the right boat rental, you can plan a brunch at sea or even spend a day testing out each of your skills on a wakeboard. Taking your plans with friends to the next level is easy with Boatsetter.

A Fun Activity for the Family

family fun on a boat

Finding an activity the entire family can enjoy is often challenging. Luckily, there is no age limit to having fun on the water. Make the most out of a family outing by planning your next summer activity on a boat rental, whether that’s a day of tubing, anchoring down at a nearby sandbar or snorkeling to explore life underwater!

II. Choosing Your Vessel

Now that you’ve chosen your experience, you’ll need to find a vessel that’s best suited for the activity you’re planning. Unless you’re an avid boater, it can be overwhelming deciding on what boat to rent. Here’s a guide to help you choose the best boat for your next on the water experience.

The Proper Vessel for Your Fishing Excursion

Make the most out of a fishing experience by choosing from a variety of boats that are made to help you reel in your next catch. Here are suggested boat types to look for when booking a fishing excursion:

  • Center Console: Center Consoles are incredibly versatile, but are greatly known to be used for fishing in the intracoastal or offshore.

Center console

  • Sportfishing Yacht: With the ability to travel 100-plus miles from land, Sportfishing Yachts are perfect for a day of deep sea fishing.

Sport Fishing Yacht

Flats boat

  • Flybridge: Flybridge Boats are great for long days spent on the open sea, with at least one “head” or bathroom onboard, these vessels are known to be a luxurious option for a fishing excursion.


To find fishing boats in your area, search the location you live in, then filter your search by the activity “Fishing”.

The Best Boat for Your Day on the Water with Friends

There are plenty of boat options that are made for enjoying a brunch on the water, trying out each other’s watersports skills or anchoring down at the sandbar. Here are some boat rentals to consider when planning a boating adventure for your crew:

  • Wakeboard Boat: Wakeboard Boats are a great option if you plan to test your wake boarding, skiing or wake surfing skills. You also have the ability to go tubing on these boats.

Wakeboard Boat

  • Cabin Cruiser: Cabin Cruisers are great for a day spent brunching on the water or simply cruising your local waterways. With plenty of seating, open deck space and even a “head” or bathroom onboard, it’s perfect for a day’s worth of activities.

Cabin Cruiser

  • Pontoon: Pontoons are extremely comfortable and spacious. These boats are perfect for a day beached up on a local sandbar or even anchoring down in the middle of a lake.


  • Yacht: Yachts provide more of an upscale experience on the water. While ranging from 40ft – 90ft long, these boats provide plenty of space to bask in the sun and room inside the cabin to get some shade. Some yachts even provide a jet ski on board!


To find these types of boats in your area, search the location you live in, then filter your search by the activities “Cruising” or “Watersports”.

The Right Boat for Your Fun Activity with the Family

There are a ton of boat rentals to choose from when planning your day out on the water with your family. Here are great boat options to help you choose the right activity and boat for your family:

  • Deck Boat: Deck Boats are great for cruising your local waterways or anchoring down at a nearby sandbar. They are easy to navigate on your own too, if you plan on renting with no captain onboard.

Deck Boat

  • Yacht: Yachts are incredibly spacious, allowing for your family to safely move around. While ranging from 40ft – 90ft long, these boats even provide indoor cabins, so your little ones can take a nap or get some shade.


  • Double Deck Pontoon: Double Deck Pontoons are the definition of fun. Not only do these boats typically provide a slide from the upper deck for your little ones to enjoy, but they also provide plenty of space on the lower deck, giving you room to bring a cooler full of snacks and drinks or more space for you to bring some toys onboard.

Double Deck Pontoon

  • Wakeboard Boat: Wakeboard Boats are fun for the entire family. Whether you plan on learning new watersports tricks or plan to go tubing all day, these boats are perfect to keep your entire family entertained.

Wakeboard Boat

To find these types of boats in your area, search the location you live in, then filter your search by the activities “Cruising” or “Watersports”.

III. Booking Your Summer Fun

Now that you’ve chosen your on the water experience and the right vessel to bring these plans to life, it’s time to book your summer fun! By heading to, searching the location you live in, then utilizing the filter to choose your activity of choice, you’re set to book your summer staycation plans.

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